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Description:A Bot: Addictive space arcade shooter with strong pixel art style graphics and dynamic music. 2165 A.D. You are A Bot - independent anti asteroid robot with mission to defend navigation platform. Suddenly you meet unknown threat from space. Alien insects arrived on giant asteroid to your galaxy. Now you are the advanced boundary of defense!, The game is NOT a simple shoot them all . You have to THINK what to do. READ help in the game it might be more useful then you think. mouse : movement ; left mouse click: fire bullet , hold for continuous fire; 1-4 : select weapon ; t : plasma cannons fire mode switch (auto/ manual) ; spacebar : plasma cannons manual fire , hold for continuous fire; left mouse click on plasma cannon: show/ hide plasma cannon ; space : plasma cannons manual fire, mouse wheel: select weapon, g: hide/ show all plasma cannons,mouse click to shoot, 1-4: select weapon,t: plasma cannons fire mode switch (auto/ manual), use mouse for movement

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