• Black beard's Island Deluxe Black beard's Island Deluxe: Fire your cannon at the cannon balls and match colors to eliminate them
  • Neon Pinball Neon Pinball: This is a Neon Pinball style zuma, shoot at groups of the same color balls to make the
  • Super Zen Blaster Super Zen Blaster: Play new levels and be calmed in the relaxing Super Zen Garden, whilst blasting y
  • War Char 2 War Char 2: DRAG worms of characters at HEADS and CLICK mouse to NEW fire. Good luck! Shoot at group
  • Kung fu Zuma game Kung fu Zuma game : mouse click to shoot,
  • Sport Zuma Sport Zuma: New Sport version of classical Zuma game. Instead of old Egypt you will play on modern s
  • Gem Globe Gem Globe:Resistance Battle: a mixture of shooter,pinball, get the right color and strategy games. t
  • Math Bubbles addition and shooting game Math Bubbles addition and shooting game
  • zuma zuma: Survive the ancient temples of zuma, the critically acclaimed action-puzzler! Deep in the jung
  • Kangaroo Ball Kangaroo Ball: Kangaroo Ball, like the zuma game. mouse control, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for
  • Pearls Collector Pearls Collector: new free online match 3 arcade game with 20 levels and a number of bonuses and bri
  • Motley mutant worm Motley mutant worm: Moving the colorful worm you need to eat colored fruits and beware of obstacles.
  • The Light Work The Light Work: Help the Fairy to drive the darkness away from the ancient Forest Catch the lights a
  • Jenny's Concert Jenny's Concert: Jenny needs some special musical instruments for her concert. Please try to collect
  • Critter Zapper Critter Zapper: Create a critter-free society by zapping all the crawly creatures! Destroy critters
  • Zen Blaster Zen Blaster: Be calmed in the relaxing Zen Garden, whilst blasting your way to the topmost high scor
  • Marbles Lines Marbles Lines: In this game the marbles are lined up and will gradually go to the hole. You need to
  • Fairy Pearls Fairy Pearls: Discover the mystery of fairy pearls in this Match 3 game. You have to collect all pea
  • Vowels in Your Bowels Vowels in Your Bowels: Shoot vowels at rows of winding bowels bloated with pesky letters - clear the
  • Hasty Turtle Hasty Turtle: presents new free online match 3 arcade game with 20 levels and a number of bonuses an
  • Cute Zuma game Cute Zuma game: Using Mouse click to fire the ball, over 3 balls will score mouse click to shoot, us
  • Zuma with cards Zuma with cards: play zuma with cards. use mouse an match the cards for flush, straight, double and
  • Pool Zuma Pool Zuma: Use your mouse to aim and fire pool balls towards the other moving balls to form groups o
  • Shoot Bubbles Shoot Bubbles: Looks like this cute girl needs some help. All her clothes are trapped in the bubbles
  • bubble stream bubble stream: stop bubble stream to touch the red floor spin transmitter with mouse and click mouse
  • Mouse Chain Mouse Chain
  • Angry Cat Angry Cat: A group of greedy pigs want to go to a cat's home to steal its food. Now, they are marchi
  • Loomba Loomba: Hit the balls, Match the, and go on!
  • War Char War Char: Relax. Aim. Catch heads. Meditation and adrenaline in the same game! Not any clicking- jus

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