• Magic Horse Jigsaw Magic Horse Jigsaw: Solve this puzzle to see a mystic horse in a forest! Hurry up to be the best in
  • Fantastic Fairies Fantastic Fairies: The evil magician has cursed five little friends. They were transformed in giant
  • Firework Jigsaw Firework Jigsaw: Solve this three puzzles to be involved in a wonderful firework! Hurry up to be the
  • Kitten VIDEO Jigsaw Kitten VIDEO Jigsaw: The new dimension of jigsaw! Solve three VIDEO-puzzles to see little kitten pla
  • Bow Killer Bow Killer: Hunt animals in the Forbidden Forest! You've only 60 seconds! Hurry up and Shoot to kill
  • Bridges Jigsaw Bridges Jigsaw: Solve the three jigsaws to see beautiful imagines of bridges! Hurry up to be the bes
  • Eyjafjallajokull Jigsaw Eyjafjallajokull Jigsaw: Solve five puzzles to see beautiful and impressive impressions of the Eyjaf
  • Fairy Forest Fairy Forest: Solve this puzzle to see a dancing fairy in the Forbidden Forest! Hurry up to be the b
  • Video Puzzle Video Puzzle: Firework Edition: The new puzzle-dimension! Solve eight video-puzzles with beautiful a
  • ZNEM CHESS ZNEM CHESS: Show your chess skills and compete against a very strong computer player! usual chess ru
  • Rubber Ducky Jigsaw Rubber Ducky Jigsaw: For those who love rubber duckies! Please enjoy five puzzles, three difficult l
  • Free Solitaire Free Solitaire: The classic card game at all! Have fun! classic Solitaire rules! use mouse for movem
  • Snag of a Sniper Snag of a Sniper: 2012, a virus made animals and human insane. You're a member of a special rescue t
  • Video Puzzle Video Puzzle: Animal Babies: Solve four video-puzzles with neat little animal-babies! Hurry up to be
  • Shoe Jigsaw Shoe Jigsaw: Solve this jigsaw to see modern shoes. Use your mouse to drag and drop puzzle-pieces. m
  • Explo Bugs Explo Bugs: The Bugs have gone insane! Try to keep them away from the beautiful flower! Bugs are com
  • Znem tetris Znem tetris: The classic Tetris with high score for those, who like to compete with others! The clas
  • ZNEM PUZZLE Fairy Edition ZNEM PUZZLE Fairy Edition: Explore the puzzle experience with the rows and columns twist! Now in the
  • Finland Jigsaw Finland Jigsaw: Solve five puzzles with beautiful pictures of Finland! Three difficult levels and a

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