• Jade Wolf 2 Jade Wolf 2: Fast paced platform game, with beautiful graphics - Sonic the Hedgehog meets Okami! Hou
  • Jade Wolf Jade Wolf: Artistic platform, that combines Sonic-the-Hedgehog style action with exploration.
  • Pig Freaks Pig Freaks: Pig Freaks is a modern day re-telling of "The Three Little Pigs". You play as each pig t
  • Zombie Blaster Zombie Blaster: Zombie Blaster is a fun shot gun shooter, pull the trigger and blast as many monster
  • Run sheep, run Run sheep, run: Save sheep . Move blocks to eliminate bad wolves. Use mouse to eliminate blocks. mou
  • Paper Wolf Paper Wolf: Training: The big bad wolf is back. And this time it is serious business. Help the wolf
  • Farm Hazards Farm Hazards: Simple RPG where you have to defend a farm against an enemy invasion for as long as yo
  • Sheep and Wolves Sheep and Wolves: Save sheep . Move blocks to eliminate bad wolves. Use mouse to eliminate blocks. m
  • Wolf Loves Eggs Wolf Loves Eggs: Everyone knows wolves love eggs, right? Well, this wolf is having a spot of trouble
  • Wolf and eggs Wolf and eggs: Catch as much as possible eggs, controlling the Wolf. For each caught egg You earn on
  • Wolf Hunter Wolf Hunter: Kill All The Wolves Before They Eat Your Sheep!
  • Run Red, Run! Run Red, Run!: Run Red, Run! is a fast paced reaction game based on the famous tale of Little Red Ri
  • Flocking Fantastic! Flocking Fantastic!: Guide your sheep through 14 days while protecting them from predators day and n
  • The Big Bad Wolf The Big Bad Wolf: Once upon a time there where 3 little pigs, each built a house one made of hay, on
  • The wolf Castle The wolf Castle: welcome to the wolf castle , so much mystery and strange things are happing here,
  • Brong Brong: A version of the classic "pong" game where the objective is to hit the ball to get points.
  • Catacombs of wolves Catacombs of wolves: Find a way out of a vault teeming with blood thirsty werewolves. Arrows to move
  • Primitive Survival Primitive Survival: Survive from the wolves with your incredible power of rock and boomerang. Don't
  • Pop pop wolf Pop pop wolf

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