• Ether of Magic Cards Ether of Magic Cards: This is a colorful card game. Tactical step by step game play. Mastering your
  • Deeds of War RPG Deeds of War RPG: Choose your allies and slay your enemies on your quest to find the broken pieces o
  • Magic Touch Magic Touch: Help the wizard defend the castle from the evil knights by casting spells to pop their
  • Ring Pass Not II Ring Pass Not II: The new version of "Ring Pass Not" is here! We have worked on Ring Pass Not 2 for
  • The Wizard's Notebook The Wizard's Notebook: A word based puzzle game which uses visual riddles. Solve the visual riddles
  • Kullors School of Magic Kullors School of Magic: Learning magic can be dangerous, in fact the only thing more dangerous than
  • Fupa Raiders Fupa Raiders: Fupa Raiders is a real time strategy game where you own a number of sky castles and yo
  • Monkey Wizard Monkey Wizard: Control a monkey with magical powers in this original puzzle platform game! To posses
  • The Legend of the Golden Robot The Legend of the Golden Robot: Take on the role of artifact hunter and all round hero, Indigo Steve
  • Youda Fairy Youda Fairy: The wise old forest wizard has provided a watchful eye over the kingdom for over 1000 y
  • Fantastic Fairies Fantastic Fairies: The evil magician has cursed five little friends. They were transformed in giant
  • Ghost Hunt Ghost Hunt: Once every year a portal is open between the realm of the living and the realm of the de
  • Last Wizard Last Wizard: Feel the Power! And kill skeletons! You can save your score and see your nick at top 50
  • Wizard Warrior Wizard Warrior: Wizard Warrior Adventure Game. Move : Arrow keys. Jump : A Attack : S fire: s, movem
  • The Key Master The Key Master: So my young apprentice you want to become a key master? To become a Key Master you m
  • Boulder Basher 2 Boulder Basher 2: use your mouse to deflect the giants boulders and save the village, buy shields an
  • Witches and wizards -1 Witches and wizards -1: Witches and wizards coloring page game
  • Feyruna Memo Feyruna Memo: Enjoy animated playing cards in this memory-style game. It's all about fairies, goblin
  • Wizard & Wizard Wizard & Wizard: Protect you magic castle from enemies in arcade-like defense game. You wizards may
  • Wizard Typing Wizard Typing: Use the keyboard to type the letters on the falling rocks after the volcano's eruptio
  • Oliver & the Basilisks Oliver & the Basilisks: The sorcerer's apprentice, Oliver, was experimenting with his master's spell
  • The Wizard of Blox The Wizard of Blox: Only a true wizard can perform these 45 magic tricks and make the blocks disappe
  • Traps Traps: Use the arrow keys to move wizard around - avoiding everything.
  • Meta physics Meta physics : What do You think about good and bad? Jump: Ctrl, fire: shift, movement: arrow keys
  • Maze Fantasy Begins Maze Fantasy Begins: Action/Arcade/Reflexion game with 50 levels. Collect all the Green Crystals wit
  • The Wizard's Boxes The Wizard's Boxes: "Evil Witches" have stolen "The Wizard's Boxes". Help "The Wizard" to get back h
  • Halloween Halloween : Collect as much candy as you can before Halloween is over! movement: arrow keys
  • Wizard Balls Wizard Balls: In this game you need to control a wizard to cast magic spells and destroy bouncing ba
  • Magic Split Magic Split: Place walls to trap and lock magic balls on the game field. Game mode "classic" and "sp
  • Wizard raw Wizard raw: You & your fireball spell against hordes of creatures. Draw & chain glyphs to cast spell
  • Whack A Troll Quest Whack A Troll Quest: Fight your way from place to place collecting gems with 16 different weapons in
  • Wizard Defense Wizard Defense: You are a wizard and you have to defend your village. Block as many fireballs as pos
  • Polka dot Polka dot: It's great being a magician! You get to spread magic dust over dots and make them warmer
  • Hey Wizard! Hey Wizard!: Grab your wand and fight dozens of monsters and gain new skills! In Hey Wizard you play
  • Key Master 3 Key Master 3: Defend against hordes of monsters, collect keys and blow up stuff all through the powe
  • Wizard Memory Wizard Memory: A fun memory game
  • Battle Wizards Battle Wizards: Fight your way to the iron , in this everlasting quest of mayhem. Beware the ten cre
  • Princess Room Escape Princess Room Escape: Can you free the princess from her sleeping spell and then escape the room tog
  • Key Master 2 Key Master 2: Typing is a deadly art - you must practice! Fend off menacing beasts by typing their n
  • Magic Wars Magic Wars: Fight while you can, and then submit your score! How many time will you survive? mouse c
  • Wizard's Run Wizard's Run: Use your spells to blast through an army of monsters to reach their evil leader and sa
  • Wizard's Pong Wizard's Pong: Battle your Warlock nemesis in Pong, Wizard's style Try to blast your magical charm p
  • Wizard Hazard Wizard Hazard: Ron the wizard drank a spoonful of portion everyday to keep himself young. These port
  • Wizard Wars Wizard Wars: You are a heroic light wizard and are at the final battle with the dark wizard, Take hi
  • The Wizard of Blocks Reloaded The Wizard of Blocks Reloaded: Only a true wizard can perform these 45 magic tricks and make the blo

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