• Tribal Olympics Tribal Olympics: Use your mouse to control your bone and bat the skulls as far as you can to score t
  • Sprint Hunter Sprint Hunter: A high speed hunting challenge. Check your hunting skills as a Cheetah and try to hun
  • Zodiac Reactor Zodiac Reactor: Capture Elemental Particles in order to power the Zodiac Reactor an ancient device c
  • Cursor 3 Cursor 3: You are in the park with your girlfriend, pinky. all of a sudden you wake up in a castle.
  • TREBL TREBL: A rhythm game using ten keys - test your mettle against driving rhythms and complex melodies,
  • Farming Life Farming Life: Use quick reactions and timing to help Jethro and Elly-May sort their pigs from their
  • Key Master Key Master: Key Master is a rhythm based flash game for your keyboard. Tap to the music and copy the
  • Stacker Stacker: Press the space bar to stop the moving lights and start your tower.After your foundation ha
  • Harvey Harvey : Dig, blast and upgrade your way to finding love and friendship, one piece at a time., Use a
  • Number Locked Number Locked: An addictive number game. Can you beat the high score? Use the number pad on your key
  • Jumping Jack Jumping Jack: Make Jack jump through the level avoiding all obstacles. Timing is everything in this
  • Grasshopper Yuichi Grasshopper Yuichi: Yuichi wishes to set a new intergalactic jumping record! Press and hold the left
  • Feel The Beat Feel The Beat: Musical timing and coordination game.
  • Reflex Reflex: Test your skills in a quick game of reflex! Time your presses right and light up all the let
  • Wild Risk Wild Risk: If you want to be the best you must take a Wild Risk. Compete with players from all over
  • explode Man all about timing.Hit SPACE at just the right time to explode Man all about timing.Hit SPACE at just the right time to "splode" your character and get max
  • Spartans To The Rescue Spartans To The Rescue: your people are arrested and is being killed, use your weapon to save them,
  • Elevators 2 Elevators 2: Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all
  • Elevators Elevators: Help Mr. Jitters to reach his office at the top of the building, before time runs out! Av
  • Wacky Weirdos on the Run Wacky Weirdos on the Run: In this game a group of wacky weirdos have escaped from their prison cells
  • galaxy's moon finder mini game galaxy's moon finder mini game: In this game click 20 times on the moon image. click with your left
  • Scary Dogs Scary Dogs: Panicked man is escaping from dog sounds by running and making the best timing. Use your
  • Apache Ambush Apache Ambush: You are Arnold Slaughter son of a famous tail gunner, following your fathers footstep
  • Kick The Ball Kick The Ball: Kick the ball before it leaves the screen. You only have one kick so time it well.
  • Stopwatch Stopwatch: Can you become a master of time? Simple game to test your timing skills! Stop the timer a
  • Too Match Two Too Match Two: Match as many blocks as you can! Had too much of match-3 games? Try this easy to lear
  • Stack Stack: Perfect your timing and line up the blocks on top of each other Simply click to place the blo
  • Mou Way Mou Way: Move the mouse and move it fast. Move the cursor over black square. You will need to detect
  • Goldfish's Revenge Goldfish's Revenge: This goldfish is mad. Can you blame him? Take your revenge on humans by dropping
  • Monsters Gone Wild Monsters Gone Wild: Help these monsters find their groove while they try to move to the beat. Press
  • Red and White Red and White
  • Neon Guy Neon Guy: Neon Guy is a platform game where you only need to use one button for all input. Jump over
  • Stage Dance Stage Dance: Build a combo by hitting the correct keys without missing
  • Born To Be Fast Born To Be Fast: Racing game with high score. left, up, down keys to move. Space to brake

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