• The Bilboquet, Ring and pin game or Kendama The Bilboquet, Ring and pin game or Kendama
  • Bugs Buster Bugs Buster: hit all of bugs with left mouse in the screen to get the point and go to next level. Le
  • crossfire crossfire : Maneuver fast flying blocks and explosive power ups in this exciting match three puzzle
  • Rocket Lander Rocket Lander: Land your rocket as close to 0 on the timer as possible. Use your mouse button to thr
  • Block down Block down: How many matches can you make before all the Blocks Lock down? Swap multi-colored blocks
  • Survive in Space Survive in Space: Survive in space from the attacking enemy missiles. Make your spacecraft survive i
  • SCRUMPER SCRUMPER: Invincible mouse controlled space shooter. Use the mouse to direct your ship, click to sho
  • Fast Flood Fast Flood: Flood-fill an area of blocks with a replacement color to connect three or more same colo
  • Combine Madness Combine Madness: Fun and simple Driving/Racing with combine harvester game, well simulated rear stee
  • Crazy Bee Crazy Bee: Collect nectar from the flowers and get bee points. The big orange-yellow flowers collect
  • Reaction Timer Reaction Timer: Test your reaction speed against the world! Wait for the red box to appear then hit
  • Square Shifter Square Shifter: Short Description: Fast paced 2D platform , which features the ability to fly and 10
  • crossfire crossfire: A fast paced and eye-catching match 3 puzzle game with exciting power-ups, fast flying bl
  • Caucasian Roulette Caucasian Roulette: This is a place your safest best bet game when marbles are on the screen and by
  • Mouse basher Mouse basher: Click as many times as you can.
  • Target Target: Hit the target to get point and next level. Mouse Left = Shot. Space key = Reload. mouse cli
  • Arrow Key master Arrow Key master: You need to press the arrow keys rapidly in a row, and when you do that, your scor
  • Special Agent versus Doctor Dishwater Special Agent versus Doctor Dishwater: Special Agent answers an urgent call from the Chief of Police
  • Downtown Zombies Downtown Zombies: Stop the zombies from destroying the buildings by killing them. If you kill all th
  • Target Practice Target Practice: Test your aim and reflex skills on this exciting shooter! mouse click to shoot,
  • Stopwatch Stopwatch: Can you become a master of time? Simple game to test your timing skills! Stop the timer a
  • Snake lock Snake lock: You must exit your ship because snakes are on board! Try to exit as fast you can, becaus
  • Computer Acronym Quiz Computer Acronym Quiz: Think you're a bit of a techie? Do relatives come to you when their pc breaks
  • Moving asteroid Moving asteroid: Using your mouse control a moving asteroid to collect all the coins in the shortest
  • Light Grid Light Grid: Fun little 2D grid puzzle game. Race against the clock to solve the grids and progress t
  • Balloon Shooter Balloon Shooter: shoot as many balloons as possible
  • Collector Collector
  • Tank Escape Tank Escape
  • Heart Grab Heart Grab: Shoot the hearts get as many as you can in 60 seconds
  • Rock Blaster Rock Blaster: Blast all the rocks on the ground using Rock Blaster Tool (RBT) fitted on the robot .
  • Race to the Finish Race to the Finish: Race to the finish of the level! Compete for the fasted time on the leader board

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