• Cats, hidden crystals Cats, hidden crystals: cat have hidden crystals, your job is to click and find all those crystals
  • Escape 2.0 Escape 2.0: Sneaky is in trouble! This time he is stuck at a beach house and he can't leave! He has
  • Crystal Hunter Farm 2 Crystal Hunter Farm 2: Help Sneaky find all 100 crystals that have been lost around the farm. Find t
  • Find hidden crystals among Penguins game Find hidden crystals among Penguins game: There are 100s of crystals lost in the snowy island, find
  • SSSG - Spooky Spider Hunter SSSG - Spooky Spider Hunter: Halloween special spider hunter. Find 100 spiders as fast as you can fo
  • SSSG - Escape Paradise SSSG - Escape Paradise: Help sneaky escape the paradise island by helping him find the keys to the p
  • Forgotten Asylum Forgotten Asylum: Point and click adventure. There is an eerie story that comes with this old abando
  • Jewel Heist Jewel Heist: Super Sneaky Spy Guy is on the trail of a suspect wanted for a recent jewel heist. Find
  • Finding stolen gold Finding stolen gold: thief stole gold from the museum and it is now your turn to find them all and b
  • Island Escape point and click game Island Escape point and click game: Sneaky has been stranded on an island in the middle of the ocean
  • Deja Vu game Deja Vu game: click around, solve the puzzles to complete your mission
  • SSSG - Xmas Lights SSSG - Xmas Lights: Hunt for crystals in the beautiful Christmas light photos.
  • Dove Finder 2 game Dove Finder 2 game: a searching game, there are ten levels, each level has ten doves, find all the d
  • SSSG - Crystal Hunter Ireland SSSG - Crystal Hunter Ireland: Help Super Sneaky Spy Guy find all of the missing crystals in Ireland
  • Sneaky's Road Trip - Dallas Sneaky's Road Trip - Dallas: Sneaky is going across country, this time he is in Dallas. There are se
  • Sneaky's Road Trip - New York Sneaky's Road Trip - New York: Ride across country with Super Sneaky Spy Guy in Sneaky's Road Trip!

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