• Shoot music up Shoot music up: a hybrid of a rhythm/ music game and a shoot them up where the enemy bullet patterns
  • Electro Mania Electro Mania: Rhythm Game like Guitar hero or DjMAx with five songs and multiple difficult levels.
  • Jungle Musician Jungle Musician: Get into the jungle groove and follow the monkey's steps. Use the mouse to interact
  • Daft Punk HBFS Creator V2 Daft Punk HBFS Creator V2: Daft Punk Soundboard. Click the buttons.
  • Guitar Flash Mind Flow Guitar Flash Mind Flow: Play in the best style "Guitar Hero". Tap the songs of the band "Mind Flow."
  • TREBL TREBL: A rhythm game using ten keys - test your mettle against driving rhythms and complex melodies,
  • Penguin Penguin: Dive and perform amazing stunts with your penguin! Penguin allows you to spin, twist and ju
  • JABBO Ultimatum JABBO Ultimatum: a fun and engaging music-based game that uses your webcam to detect movement. Now y
  • Touching Song Touching Song: Touch the stars as much as possible, change its color, use 8 different powers-ups and
  • Crescendo Crescendo: Build your crescendo and survive for as long as possible!! Max your crescendo to earn bon
  • Daft Punk Song Creator Daft Punk Song Creator: Create your own versions of Daft Punk Classics. Click buttons to play sounds
  • Classics Classics: Rhythm game! Famous classic music! 5 songs! Press buttons in a rhythm. For a track choice
  • Interactive Jukebox Interactive Jukebox: Play a maze game wile you listen to your favorite song. Chose out of 6 top song
  • Sys piano Sys piano: Sound Memory game, Listen and repeat, the keys to press are showed in the stage
  • Breaker Breaker Breaker Breaker
  • Music IQ Quiz March 2010 Music IQ Quiz March 2010: Top songs and Top Artists Quiz How well do you know your songs See how you
  • Canaries in a coal mine - Name that tune Canaries in a coal mine - Name that tune: We've received a mysterious message. We don't know what to
  • Music Fan Ultimate Adventure Music Fan Ultimate Adventure: Find and collect all the music CDs hidden on each level.Get bonus priz

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