• Smile Of The Death Smile Of The Death: Platform game for emote and ninja lovers ! Use the arrow key to move and "X" or
  • Ninja smile 2 Ninja smile 2: This is the second opus of the emote ninja game! Level are now longer and harder. New
  • Box 2 Bounce 2 Box 2 Bounce 2: B2B2 is platform game, the hero is an emote and you can move it with arrow key and s
  • Impossible Labyrinth Impossible Labyrinth: A Impossible Labyrinth, command your little Smile to exit from this maze and c
  • Smiley Up Smiley Up: Use blocks, trampolines, parachutes, bombs, laser guns and rockets to avoid lovely smiley
  • Heaven Plunder Heaven Plunder: Hell has become poor after the years of raping, pillaging and partying. So it is up
  • simple Maze simple Maze
  • Foods Stack Foods Stack: Description: Hungry? Move your platter and catch the delicious falling food! Try to sta
  • Robot Smile Robot Smile: Using your Mouse , Catch the Falling Bomb Balls and Put them in the moving box , to kee
  • Bubble Faces Bubble Faces: Classic bubble breaker-like game
  • Ice Block Ice Block: Help the penguins to clear the frozen blocks!
  • Smile Smile: Smiling faces are happy faces. Make them happy - turn sad faces into smiling faces as quick a
  • Bryax! Bryax!: Relaxing casual action game with bright colorful graphics, where You have to... watch little
  • Smile Infection Smile Infection: Happiness is contagious! Use your skills and your aim to bring happiness to a world
  • Smile UP Smile UP: Simple casual game where you control the smile, and collect stars jumping from platform to
  • Can't Catch Can't Catch
  • I-Maze I-Maze: Move your Smile through the maze without touching the walls. Down: Down, Right: Right,Up: Up
  • Smile Smile: Help little smiley to get happy again in this jump and run game inspired by icy tower! Climb
  • Defending Happy! Defending Happy!: An amazing game! Move with the Arrow Keys and Shoot the enemies by pressing the Sp
  • emoticon defense expansion map emoticon defense expansion map: an expansion of emoticon defense tower game, now it has music and a
  • Angry Smiles Attack Angry Smiles Attack: Complete all 24 levels, escaping from angry smiles. Make your Best Time, and be
  • Diamond Maze 2 Diamond Maze 2
  • The Color Of Smile dress up The Color Of Smile dress up
  • Sock Dye Sock Dye: Can you change all the socks to the same color? Click on a dye color below the pile of soc
  • Impossible Labyrinth 4 Impossible Labyrinth 4: This Maze is very impossible! movement: arrow keys

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