• Papa's Pizzeria Papa's Pizzeria: Help Roy run the pizzeria while Papa Louie is gone! Top, bake, and serve pizzas to
  • Maple story Maple story: Yakuza: Fight the Old Boss of the Yakuza in a fresh new epic adventure!
  • Captain Latanica Captain Latanica: You must fight against Captain Latanica armed with your ninja throwing stars! In t
  • Ergoth's Throne Ergoth's Throne: This is the 6th installment of the Maple Story Simulators. It's packed with fun as
  • Stock Market Trader Stock Market Trader: Feel like a day trader in this stock market simulation. Buy low, sell high, get
  • The Waitress The Waitress: In this game you are a waitress. Clients enter to your restaurant and order food and d
  • Storm Storm: Face The Storm - Use your flying skills to fly to safety!
  • Lander II Lander II: Simple space flight simulator., Just fly. Try to land on the planet near you, or on the m
  • Piano Simulator 2.0 Piano Simulator 2.0: Piano simulator , the best way to play music ! use mouse for movement
  • Flash Flight Simulator Flash Flight Simulator: Flash Flight Simulator, with authentic planes and realistic aircraft handlin
  • Seagull Flight Seagull Flight: Seagull Flight is a game about seagull which dreamed to fly like falcon. Make his dr
  • Neo Tokyo Bash Neo Tokyo Bash: Neo Tokyo Bash is an action game where you must fight the boss, Neo, alone with only
  • Rescue from deep Rescue from deep: room escape mini game. You must rescue the crew of sunk submarine. Use only mouse.
  • Thunder Rockets Thunder Rockets: Thunder rockets are dangerous and should be avoided. The star craft will shoot the
  • Taxi driver challenge Taxi driver challenge: Try to get in taxi driver shoes. Your task is to look for passengers and tran
  • Kids Vs Ice Cream game Kids Vs Ice Cream game: a funny game, you are a ice cream truck driver and your job is to serve kids
  • Fat Feeder Fat Feeder: Feed it! Make it heavier! Fats, vitamins, sugar, meat. choose the correct nutrients and
  • Sweet Shop Simulator Sweet Shop Simulator: A full scale simulation game based on the management and design of a tradition
  • Love to Jump 2 Love to Jump 2: Complete your career of the Jumper. Cool graffiti style and powerful bonus-effects!
  • Monster Hunter Monster Hunter: Treasures: Casual fun physics game. Feed a monster with a can full of nails, prevent
  • Brazilian Lottery Brazilian Lottery: Brazilian Lotto Simulator Choose 6 numbers and submit your coupon.
  • Dodge the planes! Dodge the planes!: In this game you dodge planes, if you get hit you lose. Your score is your distan
  • Cloud Painter Cloud Painter: Create clouds with the sweep and click of your mouse. Featuring an advanced fluid-dyn
  • GT racer GT racer: GT racer is a simple arcade racer, complete 3 laps and your best score will be saved, then
  • Fluid Dynamics Stress Test Fluid Dynamics Stress Test: Fluid dynamics simulator stress test. Move the mouse around.Click the bu
  • Sarkozy Simulator Sarkozy Simulator: Play as Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President ! In this parody of the French gove
  • Spink Spink: SPINK is a Spin Art simulator. Spin art is an art form that uses paint, a canvas and a spinni
  • Blob Gobbler ! Blob Gobbler !: In Blob Gobbler !, you are a Blob weathering the dangers of a contaminated Petri dis
  • Air Fighter Air Fighter: Multiplayer 3D air combat simulator., Move your mouse to control the plane. Try to get
  • Golf Intro Golf Intro: Your task is to move ball through the field and put it into the hole. You can change bal
  • Crane simulator S 40 Crane simulator S 40
  • Divine Divine: A fun little god simulator me and my Friend made after a discussion on spore Mouse to select
  • Mean Bee, be like a bee and survive Mean Bee, be like a bee and survive: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be a bee? Now is y
  • RC Simulator RC Simulator: RC Simulator: Inside Racing is a huge update and full game development from my first R

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