• Snot Put Snot Put: Fling your snot as far as you can in this cute, tongue-in-cheek throwing game!
  • Bonkey Trek Bonkey Trek: Running low on food, 100 miles from home, and you don't know if you'll ever see your gi
  • RECYCLE OR DIE RECYCLE OR DIE: Recycle as fast as possible and do a high score!!
  • Speed Squid Speed Squid: A simple reaction time based game that tests your finger dexterity: You are a giant squ
  • Kids Vs Ice Cream game Kids Vs Ice Cream game: a funny game, you are a ice cream truck driver and your job is to serve kids
  • Silly Pong Out Silly Pong Out: A little bit Pong. A little bit Breakout. A little bit Silly. A great fun twist on t
  • Britney's Breakout Britney's Breakout: OMG - Britney is having a massive breakout (again) but this time you can help. C
  • Snowboard Challenge Snowboard Challenge: Snowboard down the mountain avoiding obstacles, and making jumps for points. Hi
  • Sheep Toss Sheep Toss: How far can you throw a sheep? Join in for a down home good time sheep throwing jamboree
  • Silly Slots Silly Slots: Silly slots is a game for silly people. Try and rack up as much money as possible! Spec
  • Unfair Funfair Unfair Funfair: It's unfair unfair, but very good funfair. interactive multi choice storyline; game
  • Candy Catastrophe Candy Catastrophe: Oh no! The kids have collected too much candy on Halloween! Get rid of all the ca
  • Lali Dama Lali Dama: Are you the next Lali Dama? Can you find the items he owned in a past life from those sca
  • Leg Fisher Man Leg Fisher Man: You are LEG FISHER MAN! Tempt the snakes with your dangling leg and then KICK to cap
  • Yum Yum Yum Yum: A competitor in the 2005 72-hour game development contest; eat up all the men as they come
  • Buzz Off! Buzz Off!: Those pesky fly's! This time they have gone too far, Mr. Fly and several thousand of his
  • Good Gig Good Gig: There are good gigs and there are bad gigs. This one's a good gig. No really it is. Multip
  • balancing Michael balancing Michael: Balance Michael so that he doesn't fall into the water. Place the mouse on the be
  • Winter Wonderland Winter Wonderland: This is the winter of our discontent., Multiple choice divergent storyline.
  • Blobber - Just Jump Blobber - Just Jump
  • Space Operator Space Operator
  • The Donut Test The Donut Test: Choose 12 donuts to fill your box, what do the donuts you chose say about you? use m
  • Click Race Click Race: Click the button 50 times as fast as you can. Simple!
  • Kill All Punchibas Kill All Punchibas: they are evil punching trolls. You must shoot them all. But keep your aim true.

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