• Swordless Ninja Swordless Ninja: a cute fat tiny ninja is furious, because his peaceful world is disturbed by the ba
  • Kung Fu Panda World Kung Fu Panda World : Monkey Run: Who says monkeys only travel by swinging from tree-to-tree? Leap,
  • Bang! Heroes Bang! Heroes: Evil is stirring in the West. Steam bots and bandits have taken over the border towns.
  • Quest for Banana Quest for Banana : A cute platform featuring 4 unique worlds (12 scenes). Jump on enemies, collect s
  • Towering Forever Towering Forever: Robots are invading! Protect the tree of life in this side-scrolling tower defense
  • Adventures In Atria II Adventures In Atria II: Prince Brad has returned and his underlings have corrupted the henches of At
  • Super Angelo Super Angelo: Super Angelo is a platform game in the style of Mario. Run and jump through levels, co
  • Z Fighter Alpha Z Fighter Alpha: Z Fighter Alpha is a fun action shooter that features simple game play and awesome
  • Christmas Invasion Christmas Invasion: This year, Santa and his trusty reindeer Rudolph have a bunch of problems on the
  • Abstract plane Attack Abstract plane Attack
  • World Destroyer World Destroyer: Guide your asteroid through foreign asteroid belts to destroy every planet in our s
  • Big Fishing Fun Big Fishing Fun: Help Yokel complete 16 levels of catch fishing while avoiding garbage, tires and bo
  • Vertical Assassin Vertical Assassin: Vertical Assassin Vertical Assassin is a vertical scroller where the player is tr
  • Tobikomi Jump man Tobikomi Jump man: A fast paced, fast jumping side scroller video game featuring 7 different worlds
  • Space Hawk 2 Space Hawk 2: A vertical scrolling space shooting game. Pilot your space jet code named Space hawk 2
  • Urban Defender Urban Defender: This game is based upon the Kongregate shootorials, re-written in AS3 with added sou
  • Blastro Blastro: Fight for your freedom in a battle to the finish.
  • Interstellar Invasion Interstellar Invasion: This is my first flash game. The goal is to survive for as long as possible b
  • Four Fighters Four Fighters: Side scroller shooting game. Pick a fighter out of four choices and fight incoming mo
  • Crazy Space Shooter Crazy Space Shooter: A vertical scroll shooter. 4 modes easy,normal,hard,prototype arcade game. The
  • Planet Smash Planet Smash: Planet Smash is a top down shooter arcade game.
  • Aerial Defense Aerial Defense: Strategy/shooter side scroller with a tower defense element added
  • Space defender Space defender: Protect you space from aliens for as long as you can before dying. Use arrow keys to
  • christmas Delivery christmas Delivery
  • Tobikomi Jump man Tobikomi Jump man: a cool platform game in seven different worlds and twenty eight exciting levels

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