• Undersea Adventure Solitaire Undersea Adventure Solitaire: Fish like to play cards too! (Even if the deck gets soggy.) Clear all
  • Quick Words Quick Words: Make words from the provided letters in this word game. Form at least one six letters w
  • Shuffle Shuffle: Fast action games with balls - destroy your opponent before he crushed you.
  • The Graveyard Shuffle The Graveyard Shuffle: It can be quite boring in the graveyard at night, so what do the dead do whil
  • Heart balls Heart balls: Bounce balls through the field, keep the mouse down to add power to your shot, hit a sa
  • Mind Shuffle Easter Edition Mind Shuffle Easter Edition: Mind Shuffle Easter Edition is a memory game with added functionalities
  • Toy Shuffle Toy Shuffle: Keep the toy factory running smoothly by sending out toy orders. To do so match the toy
  • Mind Shuffle Mind Shuffle: Christmas: Mind Shuffle Christmas Edition is a memory game with added functionalities.
  • Christmas Shuffle Christmas Shuffle: Christmas shuffle is a match-3 style flash game. Included are 3 game modes: Arcad
  • Shuffle disc Shuffle disc: It's a game like curling, use mouse to drag the paddle to push the disc to the target,
  • Parking Shuffle Parking Shuffle: Shuffle cars around a parking lot and free the trapped car in each level of this cl
  • Mind Shuffle Mind Shuffle: Mind Shuffle is a memory game with added functionalities. Instead of the same cards fi
  • card (find the queen) card (find the queen): In this game you have to find the queen after cards are shuffled. Click on th
  • Word tetris Word tetris: Get into the action of creating words with falling letters . Letters drop from the top
  • PUZZLE on the TUBE PUZZLE on the TUBE: Slider Puzzle with Motion Pictures LIVE from YouTube! If you can complete all 20
  • Shuffle mania Shuffle mania: You have to put randomly shuffled letters into correct order. Avoid making mistakes a
  • Find me or not Find me or not: With two level of difficulty, test your eyesight and memory here.
  • Light Grid Light Grid: Fun little 2D grid puzzle game. Race against the clock to solve the grids and progress t
  • Gaps Solitaire Gaps Solitaire: Arrange the cards so that the cards in each row goes from 2 to K and have the same s
  • Cheater Shuffle Cheater Shuffle

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