• Boom sticK Boom sticK: Boom sticK pits you and your trusty shotgun against a relentless onslaught of insane sha
  • Jungle Treasures 2 Jungle Treasures 2 : Tombs of Ghosts: You are a treasures hunter, your goal is to try to collect all
  • Gib Fest Multiplayer Gib Fest Multiplayer: It's simply the best flash shooter ever made. 5 types of game play: story, sur
  • Duck and Cover Duck and Cover: Shoot as many ducks as you can, but don't get hit by a low flying duck or egg. Mouse
  • Sky commando Sky commando: You're playing a skydiver commando. He must fight his way through 5 rounds and stay in
  • Claytus Hood Tower Defense Claytus Hood Tower Defense: Defend your farm from waves of impudent animals in this nice looking Cla
  • Zombie Blaster Zombie Blaster: Zombie Blaster is a fun shot gun shooter, pull the trigger and blast as many monster
  • Shooter Spark and Enforces Shooter Spark and Enforces: Mission Briefing: The base has spotted an illegal goods storage in a war
  • Shotgun Zombie Shotgun Zombie: 3 maps, lots of zombies! Kill as many as you can in this fast paced high score game!
  • Supreme Deer Hunting Supreme Deer Hunting: Challenge your hunting skills in this classic hunting game. Earn points to upg
  • Camper Wars Desert Ops Camper Wars Desert Ops: Moving target practice. Make your way through eight levels shooting the targ
  • Ninja Turkey Ninja Turkey: Help the red ninja turkeys, Left mouse click to shoot, Use pistol, shotgun and machine
  • Shotgun Shotgun: Shooting game. use mouse for movement
  • Gangland Gangland: Your job is to eliminate all of gang members, and stay alive to finish the job. Left mouse
  • Mini Cave Defense Mini Cave Defense: Protect the human base from waves of hungry, pissed-off monsters. Everything is c
  • Skeet Skeet: Skeet shooting, 5 levels of clay pigeon shooting
  • Ninja cat Ninja cat: Fight endless waves of zombies on this feline ninja game. Level up your character and upg
  • Militia Wars 2 Militia Wars 2
  • Zombie Bears Zombie Bears: Protect you village from the invasion of zombie bears
  • Shotgun Fun Shotgun Fun: Grab your shotgun and start blasting :) . Shoot the various targets as they appear on s
  • shooting target shooting target: Use your mouse to shoot targets Use your mouse to hit targets.In the first stage yo
  • City at combat City at combat: War against the gangster !
  • The Shotgun Princess The Shotgun Princess: Escape Her House: This princess is on the hunt for goblins!Help her ESCAPE her
  • Carnagedon Carnagedon
  • aarrggbb aarrggbb: Shoot zombies using colored bullets. Two game modes with one primary weapon that you can u
  • Shotgun Princess II Shotgun Princess II: Goblin Prison!: a quirky and fun escape game. In this sequel to the popular hit
  • Mr. Bacteria Mr. Bacteria: Killing bacteria has never been so fun! Kill some microorganisms in this fun and addic
  • In the line In the line: Jigsaw Puzzle - In the line
  • Zombie Net Defense Zombie Net Defense
  • Shotgun Fun 2 Shotgun Fun 2: Grab your shotgun and do some more blasting :) . Shoot the various targets as they ap

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