• Treasure Tower Treasure Tower: Climb the Treasure Tower before the clock strikes midnight! Treasure Tower is a plat
  • Jump my Love! Jump my Love!: Jump as high as you can to meet your true love! Avoid falling boxes and try to go as
  • 3D runner arcade 3D runner arcade: Get ready to make your way on the hole-full road into space. Fast phased and with
  • Plastic Cactus Plastic Cactus: A fun cactus based physics challenge! Your task is to guide the cactus worm back to
  • Fist Of Madness Fist Of Madness: Use the fist of madness to punch everything in this action packed game. Use the mou
  • Prototype Prototype: Play one or two players in this fast paced action shooting game.Visuals go to the music,
  • Bubbly Pop Bubbly Pop: Pop the bubbles, avoid the obstacles, and collect the bonuses. Use your mouse maneuver a
  • Mars Meteor Shower Mars Meteor Shower: Mars Meteor Shower is a mini flash game from Luna Eclipse Studios. Avoid the fal
  • Dragon asteroids Dragon asteroids: Lead around the 3d dragon to avoid the asteroids flying around in space. How many
  • Shrink It Shrink It: shrink and grow shapes to get smiley to the end, interesting and unique puzzles
  • Paper Pilot Paper Pilot: Use the arrow keys to navigate a lonely paper airplane across the barren desert. Catch
  • Short Skirt For Summer Cool dress up Short Skirt For Summer Cool dress up
  • Reaction time 3 Reaction time 3
  • Every 60 Seconds Every 60 Seconds: Dodge block for 60 seconds.If at first you fail don't worry, just grab some power
  • Troid Troid: You control your ship. What about asteroids? Control them too! This is a small 2-minute time
  • Push it Push it: Push the corresponding button to make the balls explode, matching buttons and balls color.
  • Short and Cut Short and Cut: Short and Cut is a small graph puzzle game. It's fun, so I thought I'd share it with
  • Collector Collector
  • Hasty Hedgehog Hasty Hedgehog
  • Click round Click round: Click on the white ball as many times as possible in 30 seconds. Try to get the high sc
  • Oil Spill Escape Oil Spill Escape: The idea for "Oil Spill Escape" came to me as a result of all the news about the o

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