• Hit Bush With Shoe Hit Bush With Shoe: Hit Bush with shoe. When you hit you will earn extra time. Good luck. mouse clic
  • Exclusive Shoes Design Exclusive Shoes Design: Every girl dreams of a pair of shoes, which is unique and exclusively design
  • Modern Chic Fashion Modern Chic Fashion: This girl loves the latest trends in fashion. Dress her up in all the coolest f
  • Nobody's Hitting Barack Obama Nobody's Hitting Barack Obama: Win 1000$ if you hit Obama's Face. But hit is not possible. mouse hit
  • Bush Shoes Attack Bush Shoes Attack : Attack with shoes George W Bush, use arrow keys for launching shoes, movement: a
  • Sling back Heels & Pedicure Sling back Heels & Pedicure: Use your fashion sense to design fashionable toes and shoes. Lots of st
  • Lucy's dress-up Lucy's dress-up: Your job is to help Lucy prepare for her date. Use all kinds of clothes, haircuts,
  • Abbie's Perfect Wedding Dress Abbie's Perfect Wedding Dress: True love is one of those treasures we cherish the most. We celebrate
  • Bobi Bobi Santa Dress Up Bobi Bobi Santa Dress Up: This time Bobi Bobi decided to help Santa Claus give presents to the good
  • Skate Sneaker Skate Sneaker: Paint the shoe with the brush Click the brush first, then choose the color, You can c
  • Runway Model Runway Model: Walking on the fashion runway is a girl's dream. Make this models dream come true by d
  • Shoe Dodge Bush Shoe Dodge Bush: Your Nation calls you! Be the one to take a stand and choose your shoe wisely. Play
  • Carries Quest Carries Quest: Carrie's Quest is an endless runner game where you should help Carrie get as far as p
  • Shoe defense Shoe defense: You must defend Bush from flying shoe, Move Bush by mouse click, use mouse for movemen
  • Beach Beauty Beach Beauty: The Beauty in the beach needs to be dressed up by the charming girls where there are m
  • Shoes Shooter Shoes Shooter: Shoot shoes for 60 seconds and get the best ranking. Use mouse to move and left click
  • White Angel Katie Dress up White Angel Katie Dress up
  • Emeri Party Dress Up Emeri Party Dress Up
  • White House Shoe Capture Courses White House Shoe Capture Courses: Do you know that,My best friends Obama :))said that; Shoe Captured

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