• Dolphin Dive Dolphin Dive: Play this addicted game and Collect shells by getting Dive Points depend on your score
  • Find the Poo Poo Diaper Find the Poo Poo Diaper: The classic shell game as envisioned by cute babies with dirty diapers.
  • Rosy's Beach Decoration Rosy's Beach Decoration: Make a creative decoration and print it out, use mouse for movement
  • The Graveyard Shuffle The Graveyard Shuffle: It can be quite boring in the graveyard at night, so what do the dead do whil
  • Fish Me Fish Me: Try to survive as long as possible to get more score and advance to the next level automati
  • A Bunny's Nightmare A Bunny's Nightmare: What did the bunny dream of in his race against the turtle? Avoid the turtle sh
  • Fish Dodge v1 Fish Dodge v1: Evade any shark and mine and collect shell to increase point
  • Shinju Shinju: Play the new puzzle game from Ninja Kiwi! Prepare yourself to put your pearl hunting skills
  • Memory Shell Game Memory Shell Game: The old game of "memory" with a twist. Can you keep track of swaps? Try to find t
  • Elevens Shells Elevens Shells: Elevens shells is the best puzzle and educational game in the app store. Elevens She
  • Shuffle disc Shuffle disc: It's a game like curling, use mouse to drag the paddle to push the disc to the target,
  • Casus Casus: the story of an alien creature on a new planet which he (unknowingly) is fated to destroy by
  • Fish Dodge Fish Dodge: How far can you go through this ocean full of predators? Reach the high score by prevent
  • Sprinter Shell Sprinter Shell: This game is a big challenge. You have to light up all lights in boxes. It's not tha
  • Shells Shells: Move single shell to create the group of the same shells. When you will made many groups the
  • Shell Swap Shell Swap: Can you find the marble?
  • Stealth Prowler Stealth Prowler

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