• Spooky Room Decor Spooky Room Decor: Decorate your very own room choosing all of the furniture and fixtures. Once you
  • Mouse-Eaters Mouse-Eaters: Avoid the Mouse-Eaters to collect keys and get past all five rooms. Move the mouse cur
  • Objects Hunter - Beautiful Room Objects Hunter - Beautiful Room: a point and click hidden object game. It's the time to use your obs
  • Weirdo Escape. Chapter 1 Weirdo Escape. Chapter 1: Who's Weirdo?: Room Escape Game with storyline.
  • Kids Room Secrets Kids Room Secrets: Kids Room Secrets is a point and click hidden object game. It's the time to use y
  • Rock star After Party Rock star After Party: Oh, no! Those nasty rock stars wrecked the green room! Now you're going to ha
  • Infinite Ways Infinite Ways: You have to collect as many coins as you can in this game, without dying and before t
  • Toy Room dress-up Toy Room dress-up: It's play time! Despite not having any brothers or sisters to play with, this cut
  • Escape from the working room Escape from the working room: A photo realistic escape game where you need to collect hidden objects
  • Craft Room Objects Craft Room Objects: Craft Room Objects is a point and click hidden object game. It's the time to use
  • Surreality Surreality: You have entered a world of dreams and art. While the options at any stage are limited,
  • Kaval maja Kaval maja: Find your way out. 40 rooms, 50+ items. Move with arrow keys. movement: arrow keys
  • Demented Room Escape Demented Room Escape: You've been locked in a room by a demented captor. can you escape?
  • illogical room illogical room: escape game. find item and escape the room.
  • Coded Hallway Coded Hallway: In Coded Hallway, use riddles to help you decipher codes, which then become more ridd
  • Asha's Adventures Asha's Adventures: The Magic Globe (remake): Help Asha find the Magic Globe. With his help she would
  • Runaway Runaway: There is a rumor that your friend has been killed by mafia. and you would like to find out,
  • Don't Escape From The Room Don't Escape From The Room: You are in a room and your mission is to keep inside. Do nothing. Just w
  • Living room coloring pages Living room coloring pages

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