• My Valentine's Love Letter My Valentine's Love Letter: Romantic Valentine's day is coming. To make up yourself with elaborate c
  • Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose: Restaurant Love 2: Our attractive pretty girl Jenny Rose works as a waitress in a res
  • Referee Romance Referee Romance: This referee and player are trying to have a romantic relationship, but if anyone w
  • Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose: Babysitter in Love: Jennifer Rose loves children very much and she works as a babysit
  • Romeo and Juliet Dress Up Game Romeo and Juliet Dress Up Game: Erin is glad to see you again! She’d like to introduce you her boyfr
  • Feline Romance Coloring Game Feline Romance Coloring Game: A roof in Paris is a perfect setting for a romantic date. Especially i
  • Kiss Me Kiss Me: Look!The beautiful girl is expressing her love for you!But..who is the woman beside the gir
  • Dude Bear Dude Bear: Love Adventure: Collect all the hearts and win the love of the she-bear! Click and destro
  • The Love Letter The Love Letter
  • Cupid Tic Tac Toe Cupid Tic Tac Toe: Cupid's Tic Tac Toe: A game for Valentine's day, this is a tic tac toe game with
  • Valentine's Day Valentine's Day: Search For Love: In this Point and Click puzzle you have to find and click misalign
  • Heileen Heileen: A trip to Bavaria: Heileen: A trip to Bavaria is is a cute manga visual novel, where your c
  • Kissing Championship Kissing Championship: Pucker up & kiss yourself along with your partner to the position of #1 as the
  • Max web episode 5 Max web episode 5: episode 5 of MAX the online dating game. Multiple Choice
  • Telephone Romance Telephone Romance: Sue fell in love recently, and her boyfriend always picks her up home from work.
  • Butterfly Lovers Butterfly Lovers: Follow the Butterfly adventures of a guy as he tries to capture a hundred butterfl
  • Searching For Choices Searching For Choices "Searching For Choices: When Do Nice Guys Finish?" "Searching For Choices: Whe
  • Jennifer Rose Jennifer Rose: Flirting Fashionista dress-up
  • Candy Hop Candy Hop: Bounce candy into the box. Don't let it fall. Collect the chocolate. You want to impress
  • Sweet Match Sweet Match: Why not holding a sweet couple drinking competition with your lover in this romantic se
  • Romance Pairs Romance Pairs

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