• Ho, Ho, Ho Ho, Ho, Ho: Ho, Ho, Ho! Santa's sleigh it's on its way and you are in charge of this super ride! So
  • Construction Yard Bike Construction Yard Bike: Ride your bike through construction yard and try to reach end of the level a
  • Coal Mine ATV Coal Mine ATV: Drive your ATV through the coal mine as fast as you can! Arrows = Drive, P = Pause, m
  • Extreme MTB Trail Extreme MTB Trail: This action packed mountain biking challenge is a great opportunity to tune your
  • AMERICAN RODEO AMERICAN RODEO: Try to ride the wild horse ! The American Rodeo needs a hero that can stick his mous
  • Wrong Way Highway Wrong Way Highway: Avoid oncoming traffic as you ride an out of control motorcycle Move with the mou
  • Jumping Ride Jumping Ride: Take to the road with your super-cool, leaping Lamborghini - Jumping Ride!! You'll nee
  • Bobi Bobi Rider Bobi Bobi Rider: a game where our hero Bobi Bobi has to pass as many kilometers as possible picking
  • Top Drift Top Drift: drift to the top! use the arrows to move, movement: arrow keys
  • Aqua Ride Aqua Ride: Aqua Ride is a simple flash water riding game. Move the rider with UP and DOWN arrow keys
  • Planet Ride Planet Ride: Avoid rocks and enemies! How far can you go?
  • Amusement Park 2010 Amusement Park 2010: Amusement Park 2010 is a Strategic Spending/Funding Game by the Thematrix2010.
  • Bicycle Race Bicycle Race: Make a stunts with your bicycle and make a high score Use Right arrow key to move , up
  • Halloween Ride Halloween Ride: Collect all of the potions and avoid the obstacles on the road in this fast paced Ha
  • Bike Hopper Bike Hopper: This is a simple bike ride game with jumps provided. Player must press space bar at the
  • Freezing Rider Freezing Rider
  • Drako Hell Rider Drako Hell Rider
  • Scooter Ride Scooter Ride: Take a ride downtown, but avoid the obstacles on your way. Control the scooter with th

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