• Kees' Adventure 2 Kees' Adventure 2: Bor's Revenge: Kees' Adventure 2: Bor's Revenge is the sequel of the praised adve
  • Revenge of the Marshmallow Revenge of the Marshmallow: Control a fire breathing cow as you attempt to save the world from a gia
  • Rabbit Revenge Rabbit Revenge: Ride our Magician's frightful dream as his stage rabbits plot their revenge. Drag th
  • Pacman Revenge Pacman Revenge : Pac is back for revenge.Now he has the ability to eat the equal or smaller size gho
  • Carlo’s revenge Carlo’s revenge: the death of a Mafia boss: You're son has been killed by Vito, a mafia boss. In thi
  • Gabriels Revenge Gabriels Revenge: You are the Angel Gabriel dedicated to look after the holy family from the devils.
  • Cat Revenge Cat Revenge: New free physics game, The stray cat Banzai dreams to penetrate to the farm full in che
  • Bunny's Revenge Bunny's Revenge: Bunny's Revenge is another simple flash game. Move the Bunny to eat the carrot. Get
  • Back to school Back to school: Back to school? Bored of school? Get the frustration out. Good for the mind. Click t
  • Revenge of the Spanish cucumber Revenge of the Spanish cucumber: Spanish Cucumber travels to Germany to avenge their fallen brothers
  • Pac Gun Revenge TOWER DEFENSE Pac Gun Revenge TOWER DEFENSE
  • Mosquito Mosquito: No one likes to be bitten by a mosquito. Take your revenge out on them in this game. Click
  • Friend Launcher Friend Launcher: Launch your friend in baseball manner :) After uploading photos of you and your fri
  • Cell Juniors Revenge Cell Juniors Revenge: The Cell Juniors are back to take revenge! Your mission is to destroy them all
  • Asteroid's Revenge - Man Strikes Back v2.1 Asteroid's Revenge - Man Strikes Back v2.1: Tired of being hunted by Man an asteroid decided to figh
  • Road Revenge Road Revenge: You have to drive your car safely to your house. Press UP/DOWN arrow keys to move/stop
  • Asteroid's Revenge Enhanced Asteroid's Revenge Enhanced: An enhanced version with 22 levels of ship smashing fun with the astero
  • Asteroid's Revenge Asteroid's Revenge: Destroy the ships and avenge your asteroid brethren! This is the original game.
  • The Spyware Sonics The Spyware Sonics: You are a spyware, hack computers and complete the missions use your mouse, avoi
  • Asteroid Rampage Asteroid Rampage: In Asteroid's Revenge I,II, and III. The asteroids were only crashing to save them
  • Kyra's Revenge Kyra's Revenge
  • Goo's Revenge Goo's Revenge
  • Elk's Revenge Elk's Revenge: The Elk revenges the bear for a drunken prank.
  • Highway Revenge Highway Revenge: He used to be the best professional driver out there, but his rivals framed him and

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