• Debate Night - Obama's Unofficial Game Debate Night - Obama's Unofficial Game: Debate Night is Obama's Unofficial Game. This debate game co
  • Obama Ball Obama Ball: Barack Obama playing 3 point basketball shootout, Line up the 2 meters to make a basket
  • Evo kicking Evo kicking: Recreate Evo's Kick.
  • Whack Obama Whack Obama: Whack Obama!So much better than a mole! Aim the mallet by moving your mouse and then cl
  • Obama VS Fly Obama VS Fly: All we are saying, is give that fly a (second) chance (against president Obama). You a
  • Vote Grab 2008 us elections game Vote Grab 2008 us elections game: Electoral mayhem, collect votes to defeat your opponent.
  • Punch A President candidate Punch A President candidate: Attack presidential hopefuls Clinton, Obama, McCain, and Nader!Not too
  • Presidential Olympic Trials Presidential Olympic Trials: The Democrats are looking for a candidate to take on John McCain. Who w
  • On The Campaign Trail On The Campaign Trail: A political tower defense game. Re-live the past election year! Sling mud at
  • Obama fly swatting game Obama fly swatting game: Control president Obama to swats all the flies
  • Sarkozy Simulator Sarkozy Simulator: Play as Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President ! In this parody of the French gove
  • Grow A Lincoln Grow A Lincoln: Just in time for President's Day! Do you have the care and attention needed to grow
  • President War President War: The goal is to drive the bomb behind the enemy's back. Bush vs Putin.
  • Election 2008! Election 2008!: Pick your candidate and go after the votes! 30 levels and more than a few chuckles a
  • Race For The White House Race For The White House: Obama and Hilary are neck in neck in their quest to be the next President
  • 18 Candidates for President of Ukraine 2010 18 Candidates for President of Ukraine 2010: Ukraine in January 2010 chooses a new President, but so
  • President Punch President Punch: President Punch is a very funny game ever made for kids! Mouse Left Click----To hit

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