• Penny and Paul's Adventures Penny and Paul's Adventures: An 11 level demo of a family friendly puzzle game.Work through the stor
  • Frozen Fish Frozen Fish: The polar bear is starving! Feed him fish to fill his appetite, but watch out for dead
  • Cute polar bear drag drop puzzle Cute polar bear drag drop puzzle
  • Polar Bear Crossing Polar Bear Crossing: In this game polar bear cubs will jump out from the iceberg on the left, and yo
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Polar Bear 2: This Polar Bear is where it all started 4 months and 100 puzzles ago. Its Jigs
  • Ice Cube Bear XP Ice Cube Bear XP: Throw the ice cube bears into waves to set them free. Extra Pack with 20 levels. C
  • Polar Games Polar Games: Breakdown: Polar Games is a series which takes traditional grid-based games and wraps t
  • Polar Bear Racing Polar Bear Racing: In this game you race against the other polar bears in a lap competition. The dif
  • News Game - Killer Polar Bear News Game - Killer Polar Bear: Play the news - A killer polar bear has attacked a group of tourists
  • Cute Polar Bear Puzzle Cute Polar Bear Puzzle: Great sliding puzzle game with a cute baby Polar Bear. Slide the pieces into
  • Polar bear division puzzle Polar bear division puzzle: Polar bear math division puzzle game. use mouse for movement
  • Egg Defender Egg Defender: Survive long enough for your egg to hatch into a fuzzy little polar bear snack. press
  • Twin Polar Bear Twin Polar Bear
  • Polar Bear Princess dress up Polar Bear Princess dress up
  • Polar Bear Jigsaw Polar Bear Jigsaw: Play this fun little jigsaw puzzle featuring an awesome polar bear. Get the faste
  • Polar Bear Dress Up Polar Bear Dress Up: Dress up Whitey the Polar bear and make her shine on the arctic ice. Use the mo
  • Ice Cube Bear Ice Cube Bear: Polar bears were prepared for global warming but an unexpected cold winter trapped th
  • Fishing game, Penny and Paul's Adventures Fishing game, Penny and Paul's Adventures: adventures of a penguin and a polar bear
  • Polar Bear Fishing Polar Bear Fishing: In this game there are black and brown seals and you need to use your paw to cat
  • Penguin Penguin: Various ways you can have fun with a penguin. Kill the Bear Try to kill the opposing bear w
  • Fishing Bear Cold Fishing Bear Cold: The Polar bears are hungry , come on an star fishing.

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