• Penguin Plop Penguin Plop: How high will your penguin go? Penguin Plop is a game that consists of launching vario
  • A simple target shooting game A simple target shooting game: Hit as many targets as you can.
  • You Are the Missile You Are the Missile: Launch a missile to defend the mother ship from incoming enemy ships. The longe
  • Bike Rider Bike Rider: collect the time and points,complete the race in time. use arrow keys. movement: arrow k
  • Star Shooter Star Shooter: Shoot the stars and rack up some points!
  • Kamikaze Defense Kamikaze Defense: In Kamikaze Defense you have to survive as long as you can to score more points Us
  • Touch My Neon Balls Touch My Neon Balls: Touch neon balls faster than the other player for points in this multiplayer ar
  • Jumping Frog Jumping Frog: Press the mouse and drag the paddle to a suitable position. Release the mouse to make
  • ASHA Jewels ASHA Jewels: What a challenge! a fast and addictive game to control the diamonds in the field. Can y
  • Star Struck Star Struck: Star Struck is a fun and exciting game that tests your reflects and piloting skills whi
  • Catch Catch: Infinite catching of blue and red points using different ways. Catch points by mouse click
  • Princess Drop Super Catcher Princess Drop Super Catcher: The princess have decided to do a spring cleaning, throwing out items f
  • Hit on Target Hit on Target: Hit your ball and make if fly. If your ball hits a target other than a red ball you s
  • ZIAG2 - Automated Easiness ZIAG2 - Automated Easiness: Even easier than ZIAG1. Click and hold your mouse button to score points
  • Word smith Word smith: Score points by arranging letters to spell words. Drag and drop the letters to spell wor
  • Collect apples Collect apples: The game is randomized so every game is slightly different! The has normal apples, b
  • Point Grabber Point Grabber: Get as many points as you can in 60 seconds. Move: ARROW KEYS, LEFT ARROW: Left,DOWN
  • Frog Feast Frog Feast: Trapped in Sap!: "Frog Feast: Trapped in Sap!" puts you in the shoes of a fly who finds
  • Jelly Jelly: Swim around and collect bubbles to unlock new Jellies in this addicting mini game! Left and R
  • Halloween Halloween: The player should move the Halloween face right and left using the mouse pointer and righ
  • Tetris Tetris: Drop down blocks, collect rows and score as many points as possible movement: arrow keys

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