• Plasma Burst Plasma Burst: Forward to the past: On our planet impending. Scientists invented the time machine, wh
  • Kaleidoscope Series 1 Kaleidoscope Series 1: Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in
  • Plasma match Plasma match: a matching game in which you have to find pairs of amoebas from a number of face down
  • Plasma Reaction Plasma Reaction: Blow up the whole plasma. Start a chain reaction and get the maximum scores. Finish
  • Thingfection game Thingfection game: Everything is getting infected, only you can save them from infection, recover al
  • Proto Wing Proto Wing: As the enemy invasion continues to decimate the defending fleet, there is only one hope
  • Invatris Invatris: Invatris is a game-combination of tetris and space invaders.
  • Flux ball Flux ball: Use streams of liquid to beat your opponent in this game of Pong with a twist. The game b
  • In Space Without A Paddle In Space Without A Paddle: The game starts off in the year 2015. You are controlling a space ship th
  • Jets Jets: Drive you Bike Jet and destroy others. Use the Mouse to Control the Vehicle and Click to shoot
  • Be My Eyes Be My Eyes: since our detectives detected a forthcoming enemy attack, we have bought a big gun and s
  • Plasma Bubbles Plasma Bubbles: Welcome to Dr. Raman's plasma lab. You are his new assistant and your job is to make
  • S.D.I. S.D.I.: A player, who operates the main Strategic defense station, must protect the Earth from comet
  • Deflection Aggressor Deflection Aggressor: Pilot your way around barriers while trying to gather more energy then your op
  • Desktop Gravity Desktop Gravity: Use the force of gravity to bend plasma balls in this intriguing physics based puzz
  • Metal Arena 3 Metal Arena 3: Get ready with your new tank and buy really powerful parts for it!! Give your tank bl
  • Golf physics Golf physics: The most amazing golf game ever! Bouncy platforms, changing gravities, magnetic fields
  • The Crazy Ufo The Crazy Ufo: Collect plasma and stay away from the planets in this nice UFO game. Use the arrows t
  • skill puzzle game skill puzzle game: a simple but stylish puzzle skill game with psychedelic plasma effects. Read arro
  • The Crazy Ufo 2 The Crazy Ufo 2: This is the second version of the popular game "The Crazy Ufo". Collect plasma and

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