• Kaleid Kaleid: A kaleidoscopic puzzle game.Match the patterns using the pieces provided in your kaleidoscop
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Rug Pattern: Beautiful colors in this rug. Play with them.
  • curly Swirly curly Swirly : swirly pattern generator! Drugs not mandatory! Move the mouse and enjoy the visuals!
  • Coloring game Coloring game: Use your mouse to fill the drawings with different colors. Many patterns to choose fr
  • Memory Challenge Memory Challenge: Try to reproduce the melody in the same order as it is shown. Each time, one touch
  • Weather Patterns Weather Patterns: A puzzle game with a weather theme. Weather symbols fall from the clouds and stack
  • Maze Maze: Navigate your way across the maze. Complete all 10 levels. Use arrow keys to move. Keep an eye
  • Gems Gems: A gem matching game where you move shapes around the board and can change their shape and colo
  • TXTPZL1 TXTPZL1: A tough pattern game where you need to find the password from the clues given to you.Unscra
  • Shells Shells: Memorize the sequence in which the crystals glow, then carefully repeat it while avoiding ac
  • Double Shuffle Double Shuffle: Double Shuffle is a puzzle game that balances skill with chance. Try out your luck b
  • Tetra Block Factory Tetra Block Factory: You are Sergey and you are hardly working for an extremely low eCPM in the Tetr
  • Patterns Patterns: How quickly can your brain process colors and patterns? Try this game to test it out! Sele
  • Pair them up Pair them up: Can you differentiate the faces and memorize them. Pair them up as fast as possible!
  • Square Circle Square Square Circle Square: Try to switch circles and squares into the asked positions. Rolling the mouse
  • Gems swap 2 Gems swap 2 : In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular pattern. You need
  • Light Lapse Light Lapse: This game will put your brain to the test, how well you memorize patterns and sequences
  • Spot Zim Mochi Games Spot Zim Mochi Games: Spot Zim is a fun pattern puzzle game that is easy to learn and super addictiv
  • Reaction Reaction: Match the colored spheres to the pattern to set off a chain reaction. Surround the anchors
  • Shape Ball Shape Ball: Shape ball is a puzzle game. The objective is to cover the entire shape with the ball. C
  • Mission Muffakas Mission Muffakas: The player should use the keyboard arrow keys to move them on the board and to pla
  • Gems swap 2 playtime be Gems swap 2 playtime be: In this game there will be a number of gems arranged in a particular patter
  • The irregular Game of Life The irregular Game of Life: An unusual puzzle game based on Conway's famous "game of life". Be amaze
  • Star Trails Star Trails : The small stars will move in formation to shrink the blue star. Touching the smaller s
  • pattern game pattern game: a game were you must find the pattern. input the correct numbers for the pattern.
  • One Dimensional Cellular Automaton One Dimensional Cellular Automaton: A test bed for playing with one dimensional cellular automaton.
  • Dependant Dependant: Need a mellow puzzle challenge? Drag bits of the screen around to make the pattern comple
  • The Count The Count: A simple game that challenges you mentally through pattern repetition. See tutorial modes
  • Heavens Gate Heavens Gate: Heavens gate is a customization gadget in which you can create beautiful geometric pat
  • Flip and Match Flip and Match: With only 1 chance for each stage, can you take the stress to solve the puzzle as it

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