• Office Escape Office Escape: Again Everyone has left and you are stuck in the office. Try to figure out how to esc
  • Guessix 2 - Objects In Space Guessix 2 - Objects In Space: Guessix - the famous estimation game, but this time in space. Aim for
  • text expert text expert : game for
  • Office Kissing Office Kissing: These two office mates would like to kiss while working. But they are repeatedly int
  • Office Decoration Office Decoration: decorate your office, make it look good and help you work easily
  • The Sneaky Office Kiss The Sneaky Office Kiss: You look forward to making your way to work everyday now because you have fa
  • Kill Time In The Office Kill Time In The Office: Goof off while your boss is not looking. If he comes out, click on your com
  • Smack Your Boss Smack Your Boss: Do you hate your boss? It's not good to keep all that stress inside. Give this virt
  • 10 number office 10 number office: Find 10 numbers and solve clever door lock riddle in order to escape the office! U
  • Evil Office Fish Man Evil Office Fish Man: You have been transformed into a fish man. You have two minutes left to live,
  • Get-Net Get-Net: Small, but addictive time-killer. Click the diamonds in right order to build the longest po
  • Elevators 2 Elevators 2: Mr. Jitters is back for some more elevator avoiding fun! Your job is again to cross all
  • Snakes in an office Snakes in an office: Survive! left/right arrow keys for movement
  • Escape office Escape office: This is a room escape puzzle game. You're locked in office and you must find some use
  • Desk Rally Desk Rally: office proof your super car as you prepare for the desk rally!, use the arrows movement:
  • Elevators Elevators: Help Mr. Jitters to reach his office at the top of the building, before time runs out! Av
  • Escape the Lobby Escape the Lobby: You're Ned the narcoleptic narcissist and you're trapped in the lobby of this offi
  • The Boss The Boss: You dream of lightnings and demons and things that howl in the dark, you bathe in rivers o
  • Reality Property Management Reality Property Management: You have finally decided to start your very own property management com
  • Kissing in the Office Kissing in the Office: kiss in the office without being noticed
  • Office Catapult Office Catapult: Test your skills to shoot a high score in this simple yet addictive game of Office
  • text expert text expert : game for

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