• Pirate Golf Adventure Pirate Golf Adventure: Pirate Golf Adventure is a story-driven 2D side scrolling golf pirate adventu
  • Kraken Attack Kraken Attack: Kraken Attack is another action game from csharks. Your aim is to destroy the boats a
  • Octopus Paul game Octopus Paul game: Octopus Paul with his crystal ball will answer any of your questions, (just don't
  • Puru Puru Pirates War Puru Puru Pirates War: now advanced to pirates war. Play this addicting defense game with 100 levels
  • Diving Me Crazy Diving Me Crazy: Dive deep into the ocean and ride its powerful currents in an non-propulsion based
  • Octopus Octopus: Classic Octopus game from Nintendo 1981 (my favorite game)
  • Crystal Ball Paul Crystal Ball Paul : Another version of the famous octopus, Paul.Ask any yes or no question and Paul
  • Sea Snake Sea Snake: A sea snake chases after an unfortunate fish but has many obstacles in its way such as sh
  • Octopus Octopus: classic remake, use left and right arrow keys to dodge the octopus and collect coins from u
  • Afro Fish Afro Fish: Go on a sea journey, avoid the harpoons and eat as much fish as you can. Eat flying fish
  • OCTOPUS PAUL OCTOPUS PAUL: The Octopus Paul is the Oracle of the World Cup of South Africa guessing all the resul
  • Paul the Octopus Paul the Octopus : Paul the famous octopus will guess the number that you think of. Do the simple Ma
  • The deep The deep: New version 4.0 3 levels more ! Down deep inside and find out the treasure of Brakham the
  • Octopus Escape Octopus Escape: You are locked in a room with a cute little octopus . Search the room for items and
  • Gambling Octopus Gambling Octopus: Classical Jigsaw Puzzle Game. Illustration by Can Ozal. use mouse for movement
  • Hungry Octopus Hungry Octopus: You're very hungry octopus. Eat as many seafood as you can.
  • Casus Casus: the story of an alien creature on a new planet which he (unknowingly) is fated to destroy by
  • Memorial to paul octopus Memorial to paul octopus: a very hard puzzle game,Just Memorial to paul octopus. a very hard puzzle
  • Pirate Sparrow Pirate Sparrow: Pirate Sparrow is back, Use mouse to move and shoot with your gun or hit with your s
  • Sea Hunter Sea Hunter: Drop the anchor from your little boat and find treasures from the depths of the sea! A s
  • Deep Water Deep Water
  • Octopus Puzzle Octopus Puzzle
  • Mind Flip Mind Flip: In Mind flip, by making different color and order combinations,your goal is to find the s

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