• Original War Guy Original War Guy
  • Militia Wars 2 Militia Wars 2
  • Hollowed Ground Hollowed Ground
  • Rocket Defense Rocket Defense
  • Red and Blue War Red and Blue War
  • Little Submarine Little Submarine
  • Graviton X2 Graviton X2
  • Heroes Of War Heroes Of War
  • Confrontation Confrontation
  • Colliding Fronts Colliding Fronts
  • Defenders Defenders
  • Hands of War Tower Defense Hands of War Tower Defense
  • Oops A Ufo Oops A Ufo
  • War Between the Planets War Between the Planets
  • Terrorist Assault Terrorist Assault
  • Smiley Wars - Gloomy Cellar Smiley Wars - Gloomy Cellar
  • outpost combat 2 outpost combat 2
  • Battle of Mushrooms Battle of Mushrooms
  • WW2 AIR FIGHTERS WW2 AIR FIGHTERS: A giant fleet of enemy is escorting an enemy Flying Fortress that is heading towar
  • GAZA defense 2009 GAZA defense 2009: A sort of a TOWER defense GAME with a TWIST , Drag and Drop your troops in order
  • Shape Mania Shape Mania: A flash remake of a popular Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade Title. You the Claw, must surviv
  • Green Bomber Green Bomber: The Green Empire is starting attack on the state of Yellow land. Your bomber division
  • War Against Submarine War Against Submarine: Excellent shooter. with lively game screen, fantastic depth ocean scene and e
  • Alien Attack II - Big War Alien Attack II - Big War: Shooting alien ships may be a funny way of practicing maths , click butto
  • Genghis Khan Genghis Khan: Conquer the world
  • Knights Beasts & Magic 2 Knights Beasts & Magic 2: A Veil of Darkness is Shadowing your land. The beasts have taken your peop
  • War In Ice War In Ice: A Fighter -aircraft is on its mission to terminate the enemy in snow land. Left Arrow- T
  • Monster war Monster war: Within the main interface is to eliminate all the monsters before, little friends can c
  • Commando Assault Commando Assault: enemy forces are growing, commando has come with friendly troops to fight the enem
  • Super Cyclone Super Cyclone: a space shooter game, you are sent on a mission to save the world from the green alie
  • Canyon Defense Canyon Defense: a tower defense game by miniclip, there are three tracks and 50 levels in each track
  • War3000AD War3000AD: War 3000 A.D is a wonderful game of shooting the space ships, arrow keys to move, Spaceba
  • Renegade Commanders Renegade Commanders: Renegade Commanders is a full scale 3D Real Time Strategy that brings the in-de
  • Tank War Tank War: Move the mouse to rotate the cannon. Click the mouse to fire the rockets. If you destroy 2
  • Ninja Turkey Ninja Turkey: Help the red ninja turkeys, Left mouse click to shoot, Use pistol, shotgun and machine
  • Vectors Vectors: Fight your way through thousand enemies, Arrow keys or WASD to move, Mouse to aim and shoot
  • Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2: The civil war has returned and the Heart stone is missing. Choose your side and batt
  • Tower defense War Tower defense War: They are coming from space. They are ugly, sinister and evil minded creeps. You m
  • Outback Attack Outback Attack: Take control of a helicopter during an invasion at the Australian outback., Ctrl - S
  • Aircraft Aircraft: Complete your Target destroy your enemy,shoot them out,update your weapon's and make high
  • Dutamasa Battle Dutamasa Battle: Command over 20 unique characters from the stone age, medieval times, and the the f
  • Puru Puru Pirates War Puru Puru Pirates War: now advanced to pirates war. Play this addicting defense game with 100 levels
  • Arrow wars Arrow wars: Defend colorful arrows from biting them black arrows. Be fast and do it as much time as
  • Snipe down Snipe down: Keep your base safe from the huge advancing enemy armies using your trusty sniper rifle,
  • Vector Vector: Asteroids meets geometry wars in this retro styled fast paced shoot them up
  • battle field general battle field general: This is the 6 level demo version of Battlefield General used for distribution.
  • Space Miners Space Miners: Space strategy tower defense. Research weapons and stuff to kill the evil aliens.
  • Fruit Stack Fruit Stack: Stack fruit of the same type to make them disappear in this fast paced puzzler! Click o
  • Blue Bird Blue Bird: Sky Destroyer: Find and destroy enemy's command center - big red helicopter. Keys or ASWD
  • Natives War Natives War: The hero fights against the natives wearing masks, to defend the animals in the forest.
  • Tanks Gone Wild Tanks Gone Wild: An action packed tank battlefield with random destructible maps, upgrades and achie
  • Robot War Robot War: Robot War Game. mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Military Shooting Military Shooting: Enemy forces are trying to introduce to local base. Our sniper shooter is defendi
  • Alien Invasion II Alien Invasion II: You are the greatest alien pilot in the galaxy. Your mission is to destroy all hu
  • Stick Survival Stick Survival: Fight the other sticks to the death. Use your blue plasma weapon to blast the enemy
  • Castles Wars Castles Wars: You are the mighty king of the Red Kingdom. Take over all the enemy castles! You are t
  • Love in War Love in War: All is fair in love and war, especially with love IN war! This field medic and soldier
  • Kings of Conquest 5 Kings of Conquest 5: A Territorial Strategy War Game for Global Domination. This is a remake of an o
  • City Siege 2 City Siege 2: Resort Siege: Those baddies are back, but this time they are taking over the beach! Th
  • Battle Ships Battle Ships: Protect your planet from the aliens invaders. Collect points and become the hero of yo
  • Intense War Intense War: Shoot the enemies, Get upgrades and unlock weapons and other exciting levels. Shoot wit
  • Galleon Fight Galleon Fight: It is war and you are the captain of the last survived ship. Your mission is to prote
  • 3D Tanks And Zombies 3D Tanks And Zombies: You are in a dark and lost planet and you must destroy all the zombies. Has a
  • Active Defense Active Defense: Active Defense is going to introduce a new concept in Tower Defense games. Towers mu
  • Crazy Soldier Crazy Soldier: Crazy Soldier who attack enemy's HQ alone ! Finish all Enemy's and Enemy's HQ. fire:
  • Mystic Cards II Mystic Cards II: Collect 198 cards in 83 levels and use advanced strategies to manage your cards in
  • Alexander the Great Alexander the Great: This is a sequel of sorts to our earlier successful strategy war game - Genghis
  • Sword fall Sword fall: Kingdoms: The shadow of the sword has fallen across Europe. Ambitious kingdoms are risin
  • Penguin of WAR Penguin of WAR: One penguin versus them all. Use Arrow keys to move and space to shoot. Survive as l
  • Triangle wars Triangle wars: sandbox: Fight hordes of bullet spitting triangles. In this sandbox mode you can crea
  • WAR TANK WAR TANK: In this game player drive the truck and it has 10 levels, each level must be complete with
  • Black Navy War Black Navy War: Black Navy War is a naval battle simulation game. Defend your base, create units and
  • Tank Override Tank Override: Tank override game from . A great game combined together with driv
  • Backyard Buzzing Backyard Buzzing: Your mission in this real time strategy (RTS) flash game is to build your base and
  • Air Combat Training Air Combat Training: This is an air combat simulation and your goal is to chase down 3 spy jets that
  • Last Moment Last Moment: Not a normal TD game , you can build towers , tanks , aircrafts , use special powers an
  • Hangar ship Defender Hangar ship Defender: You are last man standing on a hangar ship. Defend it at all cost or the ship
  • Retro Series Retro Series: Blitz: A remake of the 1979 classic Blitz is the first in the Keep Smiling Games Retro
  • City Craft City Craft: Select one or more city and then attack a red one. Until all of the city be occupied. us
  • The Mine Warfare The Mine Warfare: The enemy is about to attack, quickly destroy the enemy with mines to defend their
  • Cow war Cow war: The main mission of each stage is to beat the enemy. Click at least one of these boxes belo
  • Tank Takeover Tank Takeover: Tanks, turrets, trampling, magic powers, avoiding and color matching! We have it all!
  • Huge Cannon Huge Cannon: cannon be used to rumble enemies, and can be used to place land mine, make a fire wall
  • The Tank Builder - Preview Edition The Tank Builder - Preview Edition: The old versions of The Tank Builder were beta 0.1 and beta 0.35
  • Flash Conquerors Flash Conquerors: Create units and gun towers to protect your castle from onslaught of enemy units!
  • Pixels shooters Pixels shooters: Destroy all invader spaceships by shooting at them. Your ship is modular, hits the
  • Air war Air war: Destroy the enemy make some boom ,blast & noise , and challenge your friends who can destro
  • Spitfire Spitfire: 1940: Fighter command needs your assistance! The Battle of Britain is about to begin and y
  • FG Tank Duel FG Tank Duel: Shoot bombs to the opponent tank. Press the mouse button to control the angle and powe
  • Little Stars for Little Wars Players Pack Little Stars for Little Wars Players Pack: A strategy game. Capture, fight, defend, domination. sitt
  • Summoner World Summoner World: A game with mouse gesture! Summon the dragons! Summon the knights! And summon the or
  • Kingdoms at War Kingdoms at War : Conquest!: Enter a world of castles, armies and magic and rule over your new kingd
  • Corporate Wars Corporate Wars: The Second Wind: Take part in a new war on the planet PX-21. Build a towers, defend
  • Operation Darkness Strike. Small Version Operation Darkness Strike. Small Version: Small version of the game "Operation Darkness Strike". Ter
  • Robot War Robot War: Destroy your robot enemy and make a high score use mouse to shoot,press G to use bombs, u
  • Zeus Zeus : The god of Thunder: Zeus is the almighty god of the thunder and lighting. Hades has always be
  • The Rebel Red Coat The Rebel Red Coat: The American's Have WON the war, and the red coats are on the run. All Expect ON
  • Majapahit War 3- kendedes kidnapping Majapahit War 3- kendedes kidnapping: Game description: Hanoman know they cant defeating you just us

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