• Dual Dual: Test your skills, avoid enemies for as long as you can. But be careful, you control two balls!
  • Multitasking 2 Multitasking 2: This quick and fun brain-twister tests how well you can keep both sides of your mind
  • Multitasking Multitasking: Think you can handle multiple mini games at once? Test your multitasking skills! Keybo
  • Steak and Jake Steak and Jake: Midnight March: Help Steak and Jake guide the marching Ghouls along the trail this H
  • You Might Get Nervous You Might Get Nervous: Survive as long as possible. Tip: speed up your reflexes with energy drink. m
  • Plenty tasker Plenty tasker: In Plenty tasker, you start with only a single, humble blocking game, which you contr
  • Multi-Tasker Multi-Tasker: Play three simple games that get faster and faster at the same time.
  • Gravity Gravity: How well is your multitasking education? How far can you make it in this in of the box game
  • Quad PONG Quad PONG: Challenge your multitasking ability with Quad PONG. A high score-based / single / multipl
  • Sn4ke Sn4ke: This is a fun new adaptation of the popular game snake. In this version you control multiple
  • Multi avoider Multi avoider: Think you're good at multitasking? This avoider will put your skills to the test. In
  • Inverted Inverted: Practice your multi-tasking abilities with this challenging game! Avoid letting the blocks
  • Shodge Shodge: Fun Multitasking game!
  • Rotate-Evade Rotate-Evade: Rotate-Evade is a fun arcade type game involving multi-tasking. The player must move i
  • Endurance 500 Endurance 500: A multitasking game with an upgrade system.
  • PONG PONG : A game about concentration., WASD and Arrow keys movement: wasd
  • Color Wheels Color Wheels
  • Shape Escape Shape Escape: Multitasking! Control the circles with the arrow keys. Make sure you avoid the diamond

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