• Squirrel Escape Squirrel Escape: 30 level platform game. Find your way out by collecting keys, pulling levers and sw
  • Canyon Shooter 2 Canyon Shooter 2: a shooter game, enemies are attacking your city, shoot them all before they kill y
  • Goldfish Bowl Goldfish Bowl: there are lots of valuable things and garbage inside the aquarium, collect those item
  • Sagoo 2 Sagoo 2: Help your dazed friend through the puzzling levels. Collect power gems. Travel through the
  • Caps Caps: Caps is a different take on the classic game of Peg Solitaire. Instead of pegs, there is Caps.
  • Gem collecting game Gem collecting game: Collect all the gems on each level to complete, beat 4 levels to win the game.
  • Void Filling Void Filling: Fill the empty spaces between bricks and clear the rows to clear all bricks on board,
  • unicycle circus unicycle circus
  • FGS Keepy Ups FGS Keepy Ups: a ball keep up game: A keep up game where you have to click the ball to keep it up in
  • FGS Ducky Duck FGS Ducky Duck
  • Oh My Pinky Pinky Oh My Pinky Pinky: Snake Gone Pink! Classic Brick game style Snake, with new levels, mazes, speeds a
  • Find milk for your crying baby Find milk for your crying baby
  • Blitz Bombing Blitz Bombing: Use the Spacebar to drop bombs, try and level the buildings before your plane reaches
  • Flapo 2 Flapo 2: Control the ball trough multilevel mazes. Destroy all round tiles before entering the exit
  • Catch the orbs Catch the orbs
  • Flapo Flapo: Control the ball trough multilevel mazes. Destroy all bright tiles then enter the exit. Use j
  • Acro frog jumping brain teaser game Acro frog jumping brain teaser game: Play, make, and share puzzles! Play as a frog and remove lily p
  • Doggnation Doggnation: Once upon a time there was a peaceful nation of dogs , They were living in a small castl
  • Spacebar Spacebar: How long can you survive the intricate mazes of space? There are over 60 levels of fun and
  • Maze Buster Maze Buster
  • Infinite math Magic Infinite math Magic: Simple math game, with increasing difficulty and a high score table. You need S
  • one peace treasure collecting game one peace treasure collecting game: collect all the treasure that is below the lake surface with the
  • Slash Quest Slash Quest: Action-packed, multilevel platform . Cute power ups, gory deaths!
  • Nea wolf Block's Nea wolf Block's: Hard cast Community Games, score board, high score, mouse click to shoot, use mous
  • Math shooter puzzle Math shooter puzzle
  • Sagoo Sagoo: a puzzle platform game with real physics and a strange story. Collect the power gems from the
  • Color the Void game Color the Void game: you are a cute little creature who leaves in blue color, there are enemies tryi
  • draw line and conquer draw line and conquer

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