• Maze magnetic Maze magnetic: Use a powerful magnet to get the ball to the exit point. use mouse for movement
  • Magnetic Defense Magnetic Defense: Defend your base! Use your magnetic ship to pick up chunks of junk and drop them o
  • Polarity Freak Polarity Freak: Addicting game about polarity and attraction/repulsion magnetic fields. 1. repel/avo
  • magnet towers V2 magnet towers V2: Move your mouse to stack pills of the same color into a tower. Click the mouse but
  • Planet Basher Planet Basher: Your country needs YOU! Save the world by taking to the skies and bringing back as mu
  • Ping Ball Ping Ball: Are your balls ready for pinging? Try to get the most points and conquer the world in thi
  • rune towers rune towers: Move your mouse to stack runes of the same color into a tower. Click the mouse button t
  • Magnets Magnets: Your goal is to lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes. Place magnets
  • Magnetic Planetary Defense One Magnetic Planetary Defense One: Space rocks are threatening the planet.Push the rocks with your magn
  • Magnet x Magnet x: connect objects to get smiley to the end, click the mouse down over a yellow shape, and re
  • Magnetic Balls game Magnetic Balls game: pull the ball and make a trajectory for the ball in which it has to move, click
  • Magnet Run Magnet Run: Your mouse is a magnet. You must avoid the other magnets. Move your magnet with the mous
  • Repel Magnets Repel Magnets: COLORFUL!---SCI-FI!---MAGNETS!---NEED YOU!---to repel them to their respective LANES!
  • Explode a Ton Explode a Ton: Rid the world of explosives, by blowing them up! This new action puzzle game is about
  • Pops! Pops!: Eat the popcorn or drown in it. You are a trapped in a giants popcorn bowl and you must eat t
  • Switch the Magnets Solitaire Switch the Magnets Solitaire: Destroy magnets by connecting 3 or more magnets of the same color. Mag
  • Hold A Magnet Hold A Magnet: Just messing around with some cool effects! Move your mouse to see what happens!
  • Polarized Polarized: Use the magnetic nodes to steer the metal sphere to the teleport through 26 levels while
  • Magnetic Ball Magnetic Ball: Place magnets, then make the ball reach the portal! The brush tool may help. Place ma
  • Magnets Magnets: In this game you need to destroy magnets by connecting 3 or more magnets of the same color

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