• Crossed Wires Crossed Wires: The aim of the game is to switch off all the lights but as the wires are crossed and
  • Light Snake Mobile Light Snake Mobile: Play the classic snake game on your mobile phone! This version is set in the dar
  • LO+ LO+: Solve logic puzzles and enjoy yourself! Use mouse. mouse click to shoot,
  • Simon Says Simon Says: The classic memory game, do exactly what Simon Says Simon will flash sequences of lights
  • Traffic City Traffic City: Traffic city is a car game whose aim is to manage the road traffic.You'll have to chan
  • Simon Simon: The Simon game. Look and hear the sequence (every color has a correspondent sound), then repe
  • Flip Flop Flip Flop: Try to turn on all the yellow lights. Clicking on a light will flip flop that light, and
  • Reflex Reflex: Test your skills in a quick game of reflex! Time your presses right and light up all the let
  • Blinking Blinking: a board game sure to have you scratching your head. Toggle connected lights on and off to
  • Simon Simon: Test your memory with this lights and sound game. When you start playing, one of the colored
  • Lights Out Lights Out: The arcade classic. Try to turn all the lights off during each round by pressing the cor
  • Lights Out Lights Out: Turn all the lights off, It's harder than it sounds.
  • Lights Off Lights Off: You must turn off all the lights, very addicting game.
  • XMAS BALLS XMAS BALLS: xmas Balls is a Christmas themed logic puzzle game that will test your mind abilities! W
  • Lights Out! Lights Out!: Get the combination right and switch off all the lights on the grid as fast as possible
  • Zed Ray Zed Ray: Zed Ray is an addictive puzzle game using vector graphics and pulsating music. It is based
  • Light a ball Light a ball: There may be an energy shortage, but why should that stop your fun? Try to switch on a
  • Get It Dark Get It Dark
  • Nyos Nyos
  • Switch the Lights Switch the Lights: Flicking a switch activates or deactivates the lights in a cross pattern. The obj

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