• Plant Life 2 Plant Life 2: You play the role of a plant fighting for its life in this epic adventure, you'll have
  • The Last Mech-Druid The Last Mech-Druid: Assume the role of the mighty Mech-Druid in this Action/RPG from HotAirRaccoon.
  • The Life Ark The Life Ark: In there beginning there was nothing, just dust and empty space. In time, over million
  • Frozen fruits Frozen fruits: It is fun and simple adventure game. Winter came and the little friend of our hero lo
  • Solar Solar: Move through the universe to gather as many planets and asteroids in your Solar System as pos
  • Jump For Your Life Jump For Your Life: Your objective is to explore and collect items the faster you can. Your objectiv
  • Duck Life Duck Life: Train up a duckling then enter it in races!
  • Music Mayhem Music Mayhem: Hit the green blocks to score points and build up your combo but don't let them get th
  • Stick Figure Smash (Christmas Edition) Stick Figure Smash (Christmas Edition): Did Santa ever bring you a present that you didn't want? Did
  • Fish Life Fish Life
  • Daily life Daily life: You play as a stick figure and you are trying to survive. Move around and try to stay al
  • City Life City Life: City Life is a strategy game where a small city has fallen into your hands. Your job is t
  • Shooting practice Shooting practice: Shooting game. Practice shooting on plates. You got different kind of plates. Eve
  • Sims Flash Sims Flash: This is a "Life simulator" game, you have to build your house, go to work, pay bills! it
  • Seeker of Truth, a personality testing game Seeker of Truth, a personality testing game: Submit your name and date of birth to predict what your
  • Moth Time! Moth Time!: Moth Time is about a cute little moth that loves to eat light balls, be carefull though!
  • Simple Life Simple Life: Work, Eat, Sleep . Win. This would actually be the first real game I make. Please don't
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Orange Lilies: Beautiful lilies in deep orange.
  • Simple Life 2 Simple Life 2: Simple life, some say it's Heaven, not caring much. Some say it's Hell, because of sa
  • Bugs Bugs: Match the same styled bugs together and kill them. Enjoy playing all of the ten bug's worlds.
  • Micro Life Micro Life: Game is based on Conway's game - Life. You create microbes population and look how it ch
  • Feed The Furry game Feed The Furry game: Cute little creatures called furries are to be fed, push little spongy guys tow
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Red Toadstool: Poisonous mushroom on the forest floor.
  • Life as a Sick Expansion Life as a Sick Expansion: Play as a stick man in his quest to fit into society by buying stuff and b
  • Life annihilator Life annihilator: Life! behavior of cells same as well as in a free mode game simulation. In this mo
  • Dog in City Dog in City: You are found in small city in dug the dogs, collect the asterisks and get the spectacl
  • Nature War Nature War: Basic instinct for survival, protecting your habitat, is shown in fun and primal way. Yo
  • Still life puzzle Still life puzzle: A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of numerous small,
  • Planet Bomber Planet Bomber
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Painting Pots: Paint in pots, blend your favorite color.
  • Crazy Land Crazy Land: You are at Crazy land a place where very stranger creatures can kill or help you. Just h
  • The irregular Game of Life The irregular Game of Life: An unusual puzzle game based on Conway's famous "game of life". Be amaze
  • Mash Mash: My Life
  • 10 SECONDS 10 SECONDS: Avoid boxes, save the flower as long as possible. use mouse for movement
  • 60 Second Life 60 Second Life: You have 60 seconds to live a life 75 years. How will you spend your short time on e

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