• Jumping Man Jumping Man: Jump for your life, as the blocks you’re standing on gets higher or falls into the wate
  • Music Maker Music Maker: Make your own music with this little gadget, Normal mode - Click on the notes to select
  • Jungle Musician Jungle Musician: Get into the jungle groove and follow the monkey's steps. Use the mouse to interact
  • Love in the World Love in the World: Love in the world is decreasing, its time to spread love in the world. Help cupid
  • Sky Banner Sky Banner: How fast are you at keyboard? Type the words airplanes are towing. Finish the word you'v
  • Alphabet Alphabet: How fast can you type the alphabet? Try to type the alphabet as fast as you can.
  • Finger Frenzy World Finger Frenzy World: How fast can YOU type the alphabet?
  • In Space Without A Paddle In Space Without A Paddle: The game starts off in the year 2015. You are controlling a space ship th
  • Key memory Key memory: Use your typing skills to find tiles that match., To turn a tile, you will have to press
  • Key crusher Key crusher: Press the keys that are coming at you on your keyboard before they crash into the scree
  • Piano Tutor Piano Tutor: Piano Tutor. Learn music. Piano Tutor is a game aimed at spreading the love of music to
  • Alphabet Crunch Alphabet Crunch: Find out how fast you can type the alphabet.
  • Fruit Stall Fruit Stall: You run a fruit stall selling fresh fruit to customers. No time to hire someone to run
  • Spice ship Spice ship: A spacial shoot, it's a old school game like! With weapon, enemies and life bar. The goa
  • Pixel Dodge 2 Pixel Dodge 2: The sequel to Pixel Dodge. Now you will be controlling two different paddles to dodge
  • Spaceship Portal Spaceship Portal
  • Meme Invaders Meme Invaders: Meme Invaders is a space invaders clone based on famous internet memes. You control P
  • Escape From Room Escape From Room: Using in game item found and are trying to leave the room. The story of the game a
  • Razzle Dazzle Keyboard Razzle Dazzle Keyboard: Think you know pretty good about your keyboard? Well, i bet you don't expect
  • Alpha Drop Alpha Drop: A keyboard based game which you have to hit the correct key before it hits the water. Du
  • Keyboard breaker Keyboard breaker: Press as much keys as you can in 10 seconds, press spacebar to shoot,
  • Xpletter Xpletter: Type the correct letters to earn score and change game speed in this fast paced typing gam
  • Porsche Cup Porsche Cup
  • Letters Letters: How fast are you on the keyboard? There are 2 Modes. Letters and Time. In Letters Mode type
  • M.I.L.O M.I.L.O : a puzzle game that follows a strange robot as he attempts to discover the fate of its crea
  • f1 Challenge f1 Challenge: Are you ready for a REAL CHALLENGE! This is not your walk-in-the-park race game that y
  • Word Reaper Concept Word Reaper Concept: Use your keyboard skills to type the words above the enemy heads. Can you type
  • Keyboard Defender Keyboard Defender: Defend yourself with your superior computer coordination! Each enemy has a letter
  • Dual Input Gallery Dual Input Gallery: Dual Input Gallery is the second game in the Dual Input series. This game focuse
  • high scores high scores: This game is for everyone do a new high score. This game have 10 high scores. If you ca
  • Dangers of dark night Dangers of dark night: In a dark night, a hawk has lost from his folk. He was searching his group. S
  • Gamma Defender Gamma Defender: Defend your planet from an alien invasion. Use your keyboard to destroy all the bomb
  • Crazy keyboard Crazy keyboard
  • Keyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle Edition Keyboard Warrior, Christmas Puzzle Edition: A typing puzzle game, themed up just for Christmas.
  • Monster jack Monster jack: drive over the hills. Be very careful and you can win every stage your extreme driving

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