• FGS Keepy Ups FGS Keepy Ups: a ball keep up game: A keep up game where you have to click the ball to keep it up in
  • Bounce Bounce: keep the ball of the ground
  • Ball Champion Ball Champion: Keep the ball in the air and make more click you can.
  • Easter Egg Keep Up Easter Egg Keep Up: Score points by bouncing the Easter egg with your finger. If the egg touches the
  • Scuttle Volley Scuttle Volley: You control a small scurrying crab who must keep a volley ball up in the air. Howeve
  • World Cup Keep Up game World Cup Keep Up game: balance the ball with your foot, do not let it touch the ground, if you let
  • Ping pong balance Ping pong balance: Try to keep the ball on the paddle for as long as you can!
  • Xmas Champion Xmas Champion: Keep up the Snowman's head and make how many hits you can. If you get the the gifts b
  • Rock Puppy Bounce Rock Puppy Bounce: A Gaia themed keep up game for the Gaia and Mochi Ads flash game contest!
  • Keep in air Keep in air: Keep the ball in the air and collect 15 points to pass to the next round. Avoid other b
  • Keep ups Keep ups: How good are your football (soccer) skills, can you keep a ball in the air for as long as
  • Bounce Bounce: Just how long can you keep a plethora of balls from falling from the sky, using only a littl
  • Keep It Up In South Africa Keep It Up In South Africa: Keep the ball in the air as long as you can , Hit the ball with the mous
  • Halloween Keep Up Halloween Keep Up: Score points by bouncing the pumpkin with skeletal hand. If the pumpkin touches t
  • Valdevez Tournament Valdevez Tournament
  • Santa keep up, keep santa in air Santa keep up, keep santa in air
  • Keep ups Keep ups: Kick the ball by clicking it without letting it fall down!
  • Ball Practice Ball Practice: Choose one of the 7 famous stadiums in the world and prove your football skills. Kick
  • Keepy Up Cup Keepy Up Cup: Do you have what it takes to be a Keep Up Champion. Shock wood games presents you with
  • Ball Champion 2 Ball Champion 2: With the South Africa 2010 world cup come out the Ball Champion sequel, one of the
  • Halloween Champion 2 Halloween Champion 2: Halloween Champion returns with a second version! Keep the pumpkin up and make
  • Keep It Up 3 - Halloween Keep It Up 3 - Halloween: Make sure the pumpkin stays in the air.
  • Keep It Up Keep It Up: Click the soccer ball and keep it up in the air as long as possible. Juggle the ball and
  • World Class Keep Ups World Class Keep Ups: Play as your favorite soccer star and rack up an amazing score by keeping the
  • Bouncy Bouncy: Keep all the balls in the air!
  • Mega Bounce Mega Bounce: How long can you keep your balls in the air? Bounce up to 7 balls at once in this fast
  • Halloween Champion Halloween Champion: Halloween version of Ball Champion. Use your mouse to keep-up the pumpkin more t
  • Kick Ups Kick Ups: Getting it up is easy. Keeping it up is the tricky part. But enough about that. The pastim
  • Don't Drop The Bling Don't Drop The Bling: Don't Drop The Bling is a fun and addicting keep ups game featuring a golden m

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