• Meteor Bomber Meteor Bomber: It's doomsday! Mount a jet pack and intercept the meteors hurdling towards the city b
  • Jet pack man Jet pack man: Press the left mouse button to use the jet pack man's booster. Although power is limit
  • Rocket Ninja Cyborg Rocket Ninja Cyborg: What is cooler than a Ninja Cyborg? A Ninja Cyborg with a Jet pack that is esca
  • Fall, an avoider and guiding game Fall, an avoider and guiding game: Help the man fall true and steady to avoid disaster!
  • Jet Rocket Pina Jet Rocket Pina: Fly around as a jetpack-equipped guinea pig called Pina and explore various mazes o
  • GI GI: Jet pack: Carefully navigate and fight your way through15 challenging levels and 2 arcade modes.
  • Jet Pack 2.0 Jet Pack 2.0: Make it to the end of this frustrating game :D Arrow keys. really simple.
  • Jet man Jet man: Jet man is an 8 bit Copter like throwback to the 1980's. Control Jet man as he soars throug
  • jet pack jet pack: You are using a jet pack and your mission is to pass through rings without hitting the edg
  • Catch the Moon Catch the Moon: Catch the Moon is a space platform and puzzle game. Jump from planets to planets to
  • Jet Pack Jet Pack: In the first level you have to construct the rocket and fill it with fuel. And at all the
  • Jet pack Challenge Jet pack Challenge: Jet pack challenge game. You're flying with your jet pack into the sky. Objects
  • Jet pack Jumper Jet pack Jumper: Reach the skies, Get as high as you can, Arrow keys - Move, Spacebar - Jet pack, le
  • JET PACK PIZZA JET PACK PIZZA: Guide Alvin Morelos in delivering best tasting pizza's in town. Use you concentratio
  • Jet Pack Turtle Jet Pack Turtle: Fly around as a turtle with a jet pack in space and dodge meteors! Use arrows to mo
  • Jet pack man Jet pack man: Super avoider game with the best movement and control . Man with jet pack flies and av
  • Super Jet cliff Super Jet cliff: You've entered a rock climbing competition, held on the face of the most dangerous
  • alpha Run alpha Run: How long can you survive a full speed escape from the army with nothing more than your tr
  • Jet Pack DX Jet Pack DX: An exciting arcade shooter, in Jet Pack DX, you play Major Tom, an astronaut who has cr
  • Steam pack Steam pack
  • Jet pack Hero Jet pack Hero: Become a jet pack hero! Use Spacebar to control your jet pack boost. spacebar to jump
  • Robot Saga Robot Saga: Escape: Where did all the robots come from? Was it aliens, an experiment gone wrong, or

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