• Spider Spider: Your spider is an expert at spinning a web, but he must avoid the ants or it's the end of th
  • Robot Wasp Robot Wasp: You are Robot Wasp, a robotic insect sworn to defend the solar system from evil bugs. Sh
  • Hungry Frog Hungry Frog: Feed the hungry frog, and earn points. Depending on the direction required for the frog
  • Bumble Bee Bumble Bee: Help you bee advance through levels by collecting pollen and flowers
  • Insect Attack TD Insect Attack TD: Insect Attack Tower defense. Build more towers and protect the world from the evil
  • Hear the Grass Grow Hear the Grass Grow: Welcome to the fascinating world of insects! Neither magic nor power is needed
  • Leaf Hopper Leaf Hopper: This game is a puzzle based game with a grasshopper character. The aim of this game is
  • Honey Catch Honey Catch: Honeycomb collection game! Collect the flowers and turn into Honeycombs. Watch out for
  • Insect Attack TD beta 0.5 Insect Attack TD beta 0.5: Tower defense
  • Reclamation Reclamation: Our universe has become infested with trans-dimensional arthropods! Steeped in the 80s,
  • Evil Lady Bug Pong Evil Lady Bug Pong: Anasia, the queen of the Pink Ants needs your help from the wrath of the evil la
  • Hidden Butterflies & Insects Hidden Butterflies & Insects: Use mouse to point and click. use mouse for movement
  • Hidden Animals Insects Hidden Animals Insects: Hidden Animals & Insects is a point and click hidden objects game. It's the
  • Arthropod Search Arthropod Search: A classic word search about arthropod . Every time you play it, words change. use
  • Jumping Spider Jumping Spider: Try to get your jumping spider to the goal in each level. Spikes will minus points,
  • Insect Tower Defense game Insect Tower Defense game: Deadly insects are attacking your castle in waves, there is only one opti
  • Bug Two Three Bug Two Three: There are some bugs on the screen and five buttons with numbers from 1 to 5. The play
  • Arthropod Armada Arthropod Armada: Cut through the deadly waves of the evil imperial armada to defend your homeland i
  • Magus Tower Defense Magus Tower Defense: Simple, but solid TD game. There are two types of towers in the game: offensive
  • Spider Game Spider Game: Virtual pet spider game. Catch and kill flies in spider webs of your own design before
  • Kill Fly Kill Fly: Kill all flies but don't hurt other insects and don't damage furniture. mouse click to sho
  • Lizard Lizard: Avoid being eaten by the lizard. Use your mouse to move. While you click you will move. Guid
  • Hunting in the Forest Hunting in the Forest: Somehow some birds and insects has mutated in the forest and became dangerous
  • Monkey Groomer Monkey Groomer: Pick the bugs off the monkey's back before they spawn. Click the bugs to groom the m
  • ANT ANT: In real life, the ants offer the aphids protection from other insects and predators, in exchang
  • pond skater insect pond skater insect
  • Bio Quiz Arthropod Bio Quiz Arthropod: Check out our knowledge about arthropods. Take a bio quiz about insects, spiders
  • Insects TD Insects TD: The insects are on the move. Can you stop them? The aim of the game is to eliminate the
  • obama smasher flies obama smasher flies: a simple one button game where you need to smash the obama flies :P
  • Insect Insect: avoid the enemies to get through levels, Avoid the blue spirals and the red batons. Last 30

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