• impossible Tic Tac Toe 2 impossible Tic Tac Toe 2: Classic Tic Tac Toe with different difficulty levels, use all your wits an
  • Mouse Avoider extreme 1 Mouse Avoider extreme 1: Don't hit the white area, and try to get to the blue areas! Control: Mouse,
  • Dodge the Squares Dodge the Squares: Use your mouse cursor to dodge the moving squares. Starts off easy but gets progr
  • Impossible Ninja II Impossible Ninja II: Sequel to the popular game Impossible Ninja, Impossible Ninja II provides more
  • The Hard Quiz 2 The Hard Quiz 2: The Hard Game 2
  • Idiot Test Idiot Test: Are you an idiot? Take the test to find out! use mouse for movement
  • Dodge Dodge: You are a smiley face stuck in a small area, allot of vicious balls are attacking you try to
  • impossible game impossible game: the impossible game try and click the white ball seems easy but you won't be able t
  • The Impossible Game The Impossible Game: A short, quick and fun game where a player must navigate through a maze of movi
  • My Impossible Quiz My Impossible Quiz: See if you can beat my impossible quiz!
  • TXTPZL1 TXTPZL1: A tough pattern game where you need to find the password from the clues given to you.Unscra
  • impossible maze 3 impossible maze 3: Puzzle and Adventure - mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Impossible Impossible: Simple really, get from the start to the finish without touching anything Easy, Isn't it
  • The impossible game The impossible game: Can you handle the puzzle? or are you too clever?
  • Impossible 2 Jungle Escape game Impossible 2 Jungle Escape game: Impossible is back with round two! Now with 15 levels to play throu
  • Impossible Labyrinth 3 Impossible Labyrinth 3: Impossible Labyrinth 3! Is Back! movement: arrow keys
  • The Dumb Test 2 The Dumb Test 2: Test your skills in this VERY incomplete test! Use your mouse/ track pad xD, use mo
  • The Hard Quiz 3 The Hard Quiz 3: The Hard Quiz 3
  • Fishing Impossible Fishing Impossible: Use the mouse to bounce the cat across the screen collecting fish on the way. Co
  • Space Mission Impossible Space Mission Impossible: Space Mission Impossible is the most interesting action game for you, don'
  • Project Omega Project Omega: Impossible Odds: A side-scrolling shooter in which you try to avoid both the moving w
  • The Super Impossible Test The Super Impossible Test: This game is very hard, you must use your knowledge to solve these riddle
  • Impossible Spot Difference Impossible Spot Difference: You have to spot the 5 differences between each pair of images. Let's se
  • Step Far Far Away Step Far Far Away: This is a strategy game, try to reach the finishing point without touch the enemi
  • Escape Master Escape Master
  • The Frustration Quiz The Frustration Quiz: How long can you last? This quiz is going to test your wits, blow your mind, m
  • The Impossible Quiz PGI The Impossible Quiz PGI: See if you can beat the impossible quiz in this short but sweet trivia game

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