• Ghosts Hunt Ghosts Hunt: To free the witch, you have to hunt all the ghosts. When you click on a ghost, he leave
  • M- Hunter M- Hunter: A big cruel mole tries to steal the harvest of vegetables. You has to hit the mole and he
  • Fox Hunter Fox Hunter: Ride with your horse on the english countryside hunting the fox. start running with key
  • Advertorial Advertorial: Span the internet in a journey through cyberspace, and encounter THE ADVERTORIAL! Find
  • Dzik Hunter Dzik Hunter: Fast, simple shooter. Shoot as many hogs as possible in 30 seconds! mouse click to shoo
  • Ghost Hunt Sniper Ghost Hunt Sniper: Shoot the ghosts use your sniper rifle to scope them out and shoot them down
  • Big Teeth Big Teeth: You are a Pearl catcher and you must collect as many pearls as you can! But it will not b
  • Chameleon at Hunt Chameleon at Hunt: This game simulate the Chameleon while hunting flies, try to eat at least 25 flie
  • Honey Hunt Honey Hunt: Honey Hunt Is a funny game of honey bee collecting the honey It's Honey Bee's adventure
  • Sea Food Sea Food: A fish eat and grow game. Eat anything that can't eat you. Control your fish with the mous
  • Little Indian Warrior Little Indian Warrior: You are a young indian and now it's time to prove your worth. To become a tru
  • Jungle Hunting Jungle Hunting: The indians are under attack from wild animals!! Its your job to build the perfect d
  • Spooky maze HUNT Spooky maze HUNT: Take on the adventure of a rebellious nice ghost that has risen against his evil b
  • Hallowed Days Hallowed Days: It is Halloween everyone and it's time to make potions, carve pumpkins, trick or trea
  • Hunting Contest PC Hunting Contest PC: Take part in the funniest hunting contest in the world! Where they hunt for anim
  • gimme 5 - arcade gimme 5 - arcade: Compare two images based on famous arcade games and find 5 differences. You are gi
  • Eye of the Falcon Hunter Eye of the Falcon Hunter: Birds will fly by, shoot as many as you can for a high score, they will go
  • Bird Hunting 2 Bird Hunting 2
  • easter memory game 2 easter memory game 2: An Easter themed memory matching game. fun for the whole family, kid safe! Ins
  • Jungle Hunt Jungle Hunt: Hunting in the Jungle! 60 shots, get the best score! Aim - Mouse Shoot - Left Click , u
  • Fruit Hunt Fruit Hunt: Fun and skill game. Use your mouse to click the fruits and collect them. Avoid click on
  • Shoot & Catch Birds Shoot & Catch Birds
  • Ufo hunt Ufo hunt: Protect our Earth from the UFO attacks. press spacebar to shoot, use mouse for movement

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