• star collecting game star collecting game: activate and enter portals. There are no enemies, conflict arises however when
  • Scram ball Scram ball: Scram, rattle, and roll into this maze of ball rolling bliss. Race against the clock and
  • Mad Ball game Mad Ball game: guide the ball safely with your wits
  • Guide Balls Guide Balls : a puzzle game, an action game, a time management game all bundled up into a single pac
  • Arrow Frenzy game Arrow Frenzy game: aim is to guide the ball towards black hole, you have five lives, score as much a
  • Blind ball Blind ball: The game is simple, all you need to do is guide a ball to the finish using placed tools
  • Orbol Orbol: Guide orbol to the portal while avoiding enemies in the fast paced action/ puzzle game! Use l
  • Gate crasher red orb game Gate crasher red orb game: you are a red orb, your aim is to move through the gates while avoiding b
  • Gravitas Gravitas: Guide your ball to the portal collecting stars and fighting gravity on the way! Watch out
  • Background survival Background survival: Guide the mouse through the obstacle course in 16 challenging levels. Collect p
  • Tear Well Tear Well: Tear Well game (Beta) Make your way down the well while avoiding obstacles and other haza
  • hot air balloon guiding hot air balloon guiding: Guide and control your hot air balloon through different levels and land it
  • Maze Maze: Make your way through these flowing mazes using your mouse!
  • Snake Maniac game Snake Maniac game: very old snake game with new style, collect red apples which are food, collect bo
  • Donuts & Streuselz- collecting and guiding donuts Donuts & Streuselz- collecting and guiding donuts
  • The Scary Forest The Scary Forest: Navigate your mouse through the forest, don't go into the trees or you will be eat
  • Stick man guiding game Stick man guiding game: guide him to money or a sad tragedy. Its all in your hands!
  • Guider SX3 Guider SX3: A interesting puzzle Drag the arrow boxes to a location on the map. Press space bar to s
  • Ultimate Chopper Ultimate Chopper: Using your mouse, click to fly the chopper, avoid all the rocks as long as possibl
  • Blind ball 2 Blind ball 2: The game is simple, all you need to do is guide a ball to the finish using placed tool
  • Zebra grabbing game Zebra grabbing game: guide the ball towards the zebra, avoid all other bad obstacles on your way
  • Touch Red Touch Red: Draw a path to help smiley find the red! You can alternate gravity also to help smiley ge
  • Quick Space journey game Quick Space journey game: guide the spaceship through asteroids without hitting them
  • the curious ant the curious ant: guide the little curious ant to capture the nut safely and quickly.
  • Space Ball 2 Space Ball 2: Use your arrows to control the ball.Try to finish all the levels and you will get a gi
  • Circle Master 2- Gravitation Circle Master 2- Gravitation: It's all about Universal Gravitation. Draw circle to guide the hero to
  • Circle Pressure Circle Pressure: Guide the ball to the exit, be careful of the walls! Features over 5 exciting and c
  • Mushroom guide Mushroom guide: A puzzle game where you arrange obstacles to guide the mushroom to the basket. There
  • Roundabout Roundabout
  • momma run- guiding/ avoiding/ collecting game momma run- guiding/ avoiding/ collecting game
  • Mi Caminho Mi Caminho: Careful guide the mouse trough the path. use mouse for movement

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