• Jungle Joe Jungle Joe: Collect diamonds and escape the jungle to receive a reward in real life! Use pistol and
  • Zombie blower Zombie blower : Physics (box2d) based game, where you kill zombies using grenades and all sort of ob
  • Smiley Up Smiley Up: Use blocks, trampolines, parachutes, bombs, laser guns and rockets to avoid lovely smiley
  • Zombie Valley Zombie Valley: The aim of the game is to kill maximum number of zombies. Level 1: Drag the gun. Clic
  • Fragger Lost City Fragger Lost City: use mouse to throw grenades until you destroy all the targets, blast them all. pr
  • commando sudirman commando sudirman: an Indonesian army game with tanks, infantry and more
  • Paradise Battle Paradise Battle: Have you ever played in the "worm"? Not? Then you have lost a lot! But you have the
  • Shoot the Militants Shoot the Militants: Defend the treasury building from militants. Armed militants equipped with gren
  • Zombies hit the road Zombies hit the road: Make your player shoot, and throw grenades at the zombies. Your player should
  • Navy VS army Navy VS army: Physics based flash game, battle the navy or the army. Destroy the enemy units by skil
  • Last Base defense Last Base defense: All bases have been taken. This is your last base and last opportunity to defend
  • Dancing Coyotes Dancing Coyotes: Dancing Coyotes: Shoot up baddies in the old west as Chico Lorenzo has to showdown
  • Joe Grenadier Joe Grenadier: Joe likes to blow up things! Help him complete all the levels. Use mouse to control.
  • Shooter Sky and Rush Shooter Sky and Rush: The base have spotted an illegal trading business on the airport. the base hav
  • Shoot the Bubbles Shoot the Bubbles: Create groups of minimum three bubbles and clear the field to get extra points. I
  • Stealth Prowler Stealth Prowler
  • Difficult to kill Difficult to kill: Armed Bandits equipped with grenades start attacking the Federal bank. The guard

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