• Good Morning Queen Good Morning Queen: The "La Regina di Ripicche" episode 1 is a puzzle game set in an affluent Royal
  • Blast Up, an explosive 2D platform physics game Blast Up, an explosive 2D platform physics game: that challenges your strategic clicking skills. Bla
  • Marble Jigsaw Puzzle Marble Jigsaw Puzzle: Some collect them others just enjoy playing with them.
  • Glass Checkers Glass Checkers: A glass version of checkers game, use mouse for movement
  • Cowboy 2010 Cowboy 2010: shoot at glass, mouse click to shoot, use mouse for movement
  • Glass Blocks Glass Blocks: Cool game, remove all the blue blocks without losing any red ones. You may have seen t
  • Obama Hidden Ball Obama Hidden Ball: Help Obama finding his ball under the glass Click one of glasses where obama ball
  • Color Breaker Color Breaker: Match same colored blocks from the sides in this fast paced and unique Mahjong game.
  • Golf terrific Golf terrific: How good are your golfing skills? Smash the glasses on each level and try to figure o
  • Jigsaw Jigsaw: Colorful Vases: Many beautiful colors on the table with many vases. Someone broke them and n
  • Ants Invasion Ants Invasion: How many ants can you stop? Burn the ants with your magnifying glass, before they cro
  • Glass Balls Escape Glass Balls Escape: Try to escape from a gray room helped by colored signs. Use your mouse. use mous
  • JETS 3D JETS 3D: A fun, quick jet avoidance game with a cool twist. Full 3D (with 3D glasses). Works on any
  • Zafiro Zafiro: Get Zafiro into the portal by rotating the whole board, gravity will do the rest. Use the co
  • Cube craft Cube craft: "Glass and cubes" puzzle games! Click on blocks of cubes (4 or more). Don't let them fal
  • Rapid Click Rapid Click: Click the circles as fast as you can! Accuracy and timing are key, Take too long and th

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