• Kung Fu Panda World Kung Fu Panda World : Fireworks Cart Racing: Hey speed racer, what's more fun than a regular race?Ra
  • Fireworks Fantasy Fireworks Fantasy: - Make perfect fireworks by firing same color shapes with music and rhythm! - Mor
  • Fireworks, a fast clicking game Fireworks, a fast clicking game: you can watch the fireworks crack in automatic mode, or you can lau
  • Pyro toon Pyro toon : Blast the fireworks and keep the crowd happy! There is a big fire show planned for New Y
  • Explosions in the Sky Explosions in the Sky: Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up small chunks of it! S
  • Frantic Fireworks Frantic Fireworks: Fly a firework rocket through a gauntlet of shapes and collect them in the correc
  • Fireworks Fireworks: Perform the perfect fireworks show! Remember the colors, types and positions of fireworks
  • Fireworks jigsaw puzzle Fireworks jigsaw puzzle: Happy new year and celebrate it with this 81 pieces of fireworks jigsaw puz
  • Firework Columns (Facebook) Firework Columns (Facebook): Launch fireworks by grouping them in lines of 3. In this game columns o
  • Laser Dodge game Laser Dodge game: select a level of difficulty, move in space avoiding laser troubles, use shield to
  • Firework Columns Firework Columns: Arrange the firework bombs so that 3 or more bombs of the same color form a straig
  • Nebulae Nebulae: Is this how the universe started? Keep your stars going and your constellation growing as l
  • Lenny Blast Lenny Blast: Lenny flies in on a rocket, wait until it glows, then click on the matching colored det
  • Celebration Time Celebration Time: Activate fireworks with your mouse as they appear on screen, scoring as much as po
  • Firework Columns Firework Columns: Rearrange the virtual skies with bursts of color! In this game columns of 3 firewo
  • Exact Change Exact Change: Collect loads and loads of coins! Its raining coins - click the falling coins to make
  • Fever! Invaders Fever! Invaders: Destroy as many incoming invaders as you can in this retro-style shooter. Make epic

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