• Fireball Juggler Fireball Juggler: As a fire Djinn, entertain the court by juggling with fireballs! Try to hold as lo
  • Dragon Dance Dragon Dance: Dragon Dance is a platform game. the goal is to reach the fireball. Use left and right
  • It's spring time in squirrel land It's spring time in squirrel land: Time of joy, renewed hope for a good year and fierce beetle eatin
  • Zombie Night Zombie Night: Fight the Zombies in the night. Jim's weaponry is logs with fire which he throws at th
  • Go! Football HD Go! Football HD: Best kick-up game is back! 12 different balls, includes 4 special super balls. Choo
  • Save the ants Save the ants: Fireballs are rolling down the screen, there's a group of ants that need to be saved;
  • Action Sword Action Sword: Kill the Enemy And Find the Way also make a high Score use arrow Key to Move and Z,X a
  • Apocalypse Apocalypse: Choose your own path and gain new powers in order to save, or destroy, the world. Start
  • Fireball Princess Fireball Princess: 10 Levels of dodging to save the girl you love
  • Pyro Runners Pyro Runners: The world is on fire! Control Max Spitfire, Dick Firewall and Baby Blaze, the firefigh
  • Wizard Defense Wizard Defense: You are a wizard and you have to defend your village. Block as many fireballs as pos
  • S.D.I. S.D.I.: A player, who operates the main Strategic defense station, must protect the Earth from comet
  • Retro Paw Fire Ball Retro Paw Fire Ball: Retro crisp game from new brand. Evade the fireball for as long as possible to
  • Dark Races Dark Races: Dark Races is an action-rpg game. Your mission is to annihilate the dark army which is d
  • GCC GCC: Grab those coins, watch out for the fireballs! Play as a money hungry face in this fast paced g
  • Eruption Eruption: Dodge fireballs (and falling boulders on Hard difficulty) and navigate around rocky outcro
  • Mage Arena Mage Arena: You are a powerful mage who can shoot fireballs from its staff. Can you defeat all 12 wa
  • Snow Meltdown Snow Meltdown: Help the snowball collect as many presents as it can in collect mode or try help it s
  • Fireball evasion Fireball evasion: Fireball evasion is a evasion game. You need to evade the bullets with your fireba
  • Pebbles Pebbles: It's all about hitting the red marbles. It's easy as pie, but hard to master. Use your mous

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