• Bubble avoid Bubble avoid: Your playing the bubble. Avoid all red balls, snowballs, catch coins to buy upgrades.
  • Dodge the Squares Dodge the Squares: Use your mouse cursor to dodge the moving squares. Starts off easy but gets progr
  • The Grass Cutting Game The Grass Cutting Game: ARG, GRASS! Cut it all down to size, those annoying grassy blades are mockin
  • Toy Claw Machine Toy Claw Machine: You have taken a wonderful day out to your local theme park and no theme park is c
  • Star Search Star Search: Pass all the enemies and obstacles to reach the star! Features: -30 levels -upgrades, a
  • Love in War Love in War: All is fair in love and war, especially with love IN war! This field medic and soldier
  • Escape from the working room Escape from the working room: A photo realistic escape game where you need to collect hidden objects
  • Charlie Chick's Adventure Charlie Chick's Adventure: Charlie is struggling to get home, help him get to the chicken coop whils
  • O-Zone O-Zone: Create expanding balls to fill the screen while avoiding obstacles!
  • Block Dodger Block Dodger: In this simple and fun game you have to avoid squares and collect circles. The game wi
  • Bit Avoider Bit Avoider: Collect white bits while avoiding red bits in this exciting game with a twist! Move you
  • High Flier High Flier: Fly through the course and collect as many cubes as you can in this cute little game. Us
  • Orb Chaser Orb Chaser: Stay alive as long as you can by evading the spiked orb. Try to keep the red orb centere
  • extreme Mine Explorer extreme Mine Explorer
  • Halloween Zone Halloween Zone: It's Halloween! Fill the screen with pumpkins, but watch out for the purple balls! F
  • Dance Dance Evolution Dance Dance Evolution: Are you the worlds greatest dancer? Nope but that doesn't matter. This has to
  • ANGER MANAGEMENT! ANGER MANAGEMENT!: Hit as many flowers as you can! You have limit time to hit as many flowers as you
  • Money Vault Money Vault: Money Vault is a first person game putting you in the action of a big money, studio bas
  • The Riddle Game 7 The Riddle Game 7: A cool Riddle
  • Wacky Match Wacky Match: Turn over tiles to reveal the wacky face on the other side. Match 2 tiles to remove the
  • Pumpkin Harvest Pumpkin Harvest: A simple toss and catch physics games; you have to land pumpkins, big or small, int
  • Haunted Mouse Haunted Mouse: A mouse controlled game for the upcoming Halloween. -20 levels -5 modes -lots of mons
  • Seven Seven: Drop boxes in a grid to create an exciting chain reaction effect in this challenging puzzle g

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