• Heroes of Mangara Heroes of Mangara: A brand new tower defense based game combining strategic and rpg elements. You ca
  • Heart of Ice Heart of Ice: Explore a vast icy kingdom and defeat mysterious creatures in this epic platform . - A
  • stop the giant stop the giant: A giant has been attacking the ancient islands and you have to stop him! Try and col
  • Summoner Saga chapter 8 Summoner Saga chapter 8: Adventure game with RPG style battle, 8th, the final chapter of Summoner Sa
  • Revenge of the Marshmallow Revenge of the Marshmallow: Control a fire breathing cow as you attempt to save the world from a gia
  • Uppy Duppy Uppy Duppy: a simple platform game in which the goal is to get to the top
  • Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS. Zombie Pirates: In "Giant Robot Ninja (from Outer Space) VS
  • Catch an epic mouse Catch an epic mouse: You need to catch that mouse pressing left key many times, You need to catch th
  • Ramayana Quest Ramayana Quest: This game is based on the great indian epic RAMAYANA RAMA the king of Ayodhya accord
  • Kees' Adventure Kees' Adventure: The lost chapter: 'Kees' Adventure: The lost chapter' is an adventure game of epic
  • Super Plummer Bros. Super Plummer Bros.: Super Mario on adventure! Up = Jump Arrow = Move
  • Hands of War 2 Hands of War 2: The civil war has returned and the Heart stone is missing. Choose your side and batt
  • extreme Adventure extreme Adventure: Ready for an extreme (text) adventure? I know I am! Prepare yourself for a extrem
  • Metal Arena 3 Metal Arena 3: Get ready with your new tank and buy really powerful parts for it!! Give your tank bl
  • Kees Adventure 3 Kees Adventure 3: Kees Adventure 3 is the third episode in the series of Kees epic adventures. Follo
  • Epic Beard Man Quiz Epic Beard Man Quiz: Play this quiz game where you need to answer questions fast
  • The Dumb Test 2 The Dumb Test 2: Test your skills in this VERY incomplete test! Use your mouse/ track pad xD, use mo
  • Axion RPG Axion RPG: Fantasy RPG. Fight monsters, earn gold, buy new spells, clothes and weapons, make new fri
  • Dance Dance Evolution Dance Dance Evolution: Are you the worlds greatest dancer? Nope but that doesn't matter. This has to
  • Epic Derby Race Epic Derby Race: join a legendary race
  • Sushi Box 2 Sushi Box 2: This is a demo.
  • Multi Stack Multi Stack: Stack all the way to the top in this slick addictive skill game. There are 5 columns fl
  • 8 Bit Fatality 8 Bit Fatality: It’s finally done… the sequel (more like continuation) of 8 Bit Catastrophe. 30 epic
  • Epic Chicken Epic Chicken : Egg defense: Defend your Castle from the evil Penguins! Epic Chicken will prevail! Ar
  • 8 Bit Catastrophe 8 Bit Catastrophe: Your Splicer has broken free! Lure him with your Corn Dog, and make sure he eats
  • Peace Break- Hero Peace Break- Hero
  • Louis-Maze Louis-Maze: Louis-Games was made by a young developer(14 years old). Happy to share freely his creat

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