• Feed The Cat Feed The Cat: Have you ever shoot with a help of catapult? Just, feed some cats using it. Enjoy thri
  • Finding People Finding People: Take a role of a private detective and find wacky people your clients are looking fo
  • Bomb Ghosts Bomb Ghosts: Ghosts hid near by the house. Bomb them to the heaven! Hit the ghosts with the help of
  • Bricks breaking game Bricks breaking game: Classic high score version: with five lives, you lose a life when you click on
  • 33 Quick shot 33 Quick shot: 33 targets will appear in front of you. Can you get a perfect score? mouse click to s
  • Cartoon Heroes--Your Dream as a Child Cartoon Heroes--Your Dream as a Child: Want to go back to your childhood and be a cartoon hero? Give
  • The 2nd Lamest Game in the World The 2nd Lamest Game in the World: An incredibly simple game, simply guess the number between 0 and 1
  • Star craft 2 quiz Star craft 2 quiz: Try this new Star craft 2 quiz. How well do you know this amazing game? Take the
  • Arcade Style Pong Arcade Style Pong: Nothing like a good classic to cool down and experience old fashioned arcade-styl
  • Laundry Clowns Laundry Clowns: An arcade game where you click on as many clowns as you can in each level, and it be
  • Western Shooting game Western Shooting game: A unique flash shooting game that allows users to put themselves in the game.
  • Snowball Now Snowball Now: Score as much as you can by throwing snowballs at snow figures. Will you be the champi
  • Pacman Alcoholic Pacman Alcoholic: How drunk can you play? movement: arrow keys
  • Pank, the Piggy Bank Pank, the Piggy Bank: Pank, the Piggy bank needs coins. Collect them as they drop from the sky. Bewa
  • An Underwater Escape An Underwater Escape: Escape the evil creatures of the deep by using your arrow keys. Pick up treasu
  • Tetris Game Tetris Game: Fun And Entertaining Game Arrow Left - Move to the Left Arrow Right - Move to the Right
  • Crazy Land Crazy Land: You are at Crazy land a place where very stranger creatures can kill or help you. Just h
  • Rainbow arkanoid Rainbow arkanoid : An amazing arkanoid style game with multi ball feature, use mouse for movement
  • Laser Pong Laser Pong: A remake of the 1972 game PONG.
  • Asteroids Return Asteroids Return: Asteroids Return. A classic game has come back! Destroy as many meteors as you can
  • Falling Ball Game Falling Ball Game: Move the left or right arrows to give some speed to the ball, avoid hitting the s
  • Squirrel Fishing Squirrel Fishing: This is a cute squirrel game fishing line by clicking the mouse down, out of score
  • Endurance 500 Endurance 500: A multitasking game with an upgrade system.

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