• Super Energy Apocalypse Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED : Super Energy Apocalypse is BACK and better than ever! The world
  • Perpetual Blaze Perpetual Blaze: Guide your Perpetual Blaze, an orb of pure energy, to smash through limitless waves
  • 4 Elements 4 Elements: Use the magic of the four elements to restore the ancient kingdom to life!
  • Kaleidoscope Series 1 Kaleidoscope Series 1: Electrifying logic game where you match adjoining sides of colorful shapes in
  • Windfall Windfall: A strategy game about building wind farms to create clean energy. Fulfill a specified ener
  • guiding the dragon through dimensions guiding the dragon through dimensions: Pilot the Dragon through multiple dimensions, each with new c
  • Last Wizard Last Wizard: Feel the Power! And kill skeletons! You can save your score and see your nick at top 50
  • Electro Spinner Electro Spinner: Do you want to try yourself in the role of an electrician? Electro Spinner will bri
  • Space Ball Space Ball: Protect the space ball, survive with bullets, and avoid the asteroids!
  • Proto Wing Proto Wing: As the enemy invasion continues to decimate the defending fleet, there is only one hope
  • Invatris Invatris: Invatris is a game-combination of tetris and space invaders.
  • Power Vacuum Power Vacuum: Lead the lost electrons to the their atom in this fast paced action game.You only have
  • Energy Orb Energy Orb: You are an orb of pure energy. Avoid making contact with the metal pellets and collect t
  • color Pod color Pod: Released Jul 2007 without sponsor, color Pod is an innovative defense game that requires
  • Connector Connector: Connect all wires and send the correct energy to each computer. Save energy when don't us
  • Energy Collector Energy Collector: The player control an energy collector satellite ("ECS") to search for source of e
  • Star Struck Star Struck: Star Struck is a fun and exciting game that tests your reflects and piloting skills whi
  • Marshmallow Gorge Marshmallow Gorge
  • Particle Storm Particle Storm: Protect your Energy Source! Defend your way through up to 50 challenging levels figh
  • Rotate zap Rotate zap: Rotate to zap particles with your energy beam. But make sure to not let your energy beam
  • Zap Aliens Zap Aliens
  • Collapsed Spaceship Collapsed Spaceship
  • Energy Contour Energy Contour

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